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Was out with my family to Clarke Quay area for late lunch and thought maybe we should slack there until dinner time so that Fitzand can have some outdoor fun there … watching the boats and running around. We had some yummy Japanese food (ramen!) there and then while wifey went for some shopping … Fitzand and I loitered around and of course I tried to take some photos of him to cure my trigger-happy fingers. Played with my Spinner for a while but ended up shooting digital with the K-x instead. Since the weather was fine and lighting was good … I thought maybe I could try get him to pose for me and get some more ‘serious’ results. Oh well …

So I struck a deal with my ‘model’ and the ‘fee’ was a cute soft bunny that he wanted. Fine. So with the bunny in his hands, I told him to smile at the camera …

Arrrgh!!! I took maybe 5 shots. Now look at these photos above. See something similar in all of them? No … not the bunny! Hahaha! It is his infamous ‘plastic smile’! Hahaha! Not sure when or where he learned that expression from but it was not too long ago that he suddenly gives me that smile whenever I ask him to do so. Hahaha!

Ok … so I tried to change things a little by asking him to open his eyes while smiling …

Hahahaha! Look at this one above!

I’m gonna buy a friend some booze and get her to teach him how to do that ‘plastic smile’ thingie while keeping the eyes open. Hmm … Ruru … are you reading this? 😀

It was getting a little stressful already and I thought maybe it was the (a little) warm weather that’s making him uncomfortable. So I invested a little more … an ice cream for him to cool down …

So after cooling down … did the model perform any better? See for yourselves …

Maybe he got a bit tired and while he was taking a rest … I managed two ’emo pose’ shots of him … hahaha …

I decided to pack up and maybe move to another location and give it another try …

I knew things couldn’t get any better when he gave me this look (above).

… then he started to pose …

Luckily there were a couple of ‘okay’ shots and my poor shutter didn’t suffer for nothing …

Nevermind the tongue but I love this one (above).

I felt a little cheated at that time because I thought my model was supposed to be giving me some cute and sweet poses and not some Godzilla wannabe ones. We decided to call it a day and walked to the other side of the bridge for some food and drinks and somehow on the way … I got a few bonus poses from him …

The session ended when we finally settled down at Highlander and Fitzand got to do what he loves to do … coloring and drawing …

… and I … ermmm … also got to do what I love to do … gulping down some … icy cold beer!

Soft toy rabbit … $30
Ice cream … $5
Beer … $15 x ____ (not gonna tell you how many I had!)
Sausage platter … $28
Came home and looked at those funny crazy expressions and poses that Fitzand gave me … PRICELESS

Two days ago, we attended a small National Day celebration at the childcare that Fitzand attends. It was all big fun watching the kids performing and of course some dose of headache thrown in … with crying kiddos and a little chaotic scenes sometimes. It is always a big challenge trying to get decent photos or videos in such events because some parents will be so excited that they forgot that there are other people standing/sitting behind them … and out of a sudden … you will find some hands with cameras/handphones stretching out … and blocking the view. Anyway … still I managed some short clips and stitched them in to a little video … only for those who are interested. From the video, I am sure you will realise that maybe Fitzand is better in his Mandarin than me now. Grrr!

Warning : Video contains crying scenes. View in Vimeo for HD.


  1. that was Soooooo FAKE!!!! hahaha and i like his one leg up MODEL pose… hahahaha

  2. fitzand is sooooo adorable! 😀

  3. The plastic smiles are actually quite funny. It’s like his face seized up… =)

  4. @noreen : Hahaha! That’s why we call it the ‘plastic smile’ 🙂

    @Bryson : Thanks

    @Mike : Hahaha! Yeah!

  5. I remember the no-teeth smile…he’s got it from his childcare…Cute.

    Looks like you had a lot of fun 🙂

  6. @Ta : Hahaha! Yeah! That’s the no-teeth and no-eyes big smile he picked up some time ago. LOL!

  7. So envy of the family fun…I am basically trapped at home over the long weekend because my daughter is down with a high fever :S

  8. @Jer : Gosh! Hope she’s okay now. Take good care of her.

  9. ooh…even Fitz can do the plastic better than me! Way to go kiddo!

  10. highly trained professional model since young.. my daugher might be dying to want his signature.. that is if i have a daughter.

  11. @nelly : Inspired by our famous Ruru. 😀

    @Mijonju : Stop spending all the time with cameras … and go make one soon. 😉

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