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If you are wondering why I’ve not been posting much (or any) photos from my analogue cams … hahahaha …. no … I’ve not given up or retired (yet). It is just that I loaded one too many cameras with film and now struggling to complete them. I’ve been rotating between the cameras to make sure I treat them all equally and thus the long wait.

So while waiting for the rolls to be completed, I’m taking some digital snapshots … of course 99.99% of the time … the subject is my little boy Fitzand. We were out the whole day … doing some shopping, getting fat from eating … gulping down a beer or two … getting all wet at the fountain, enjoyed some kiddy rides and such. He missed his afternoon nap and is now sleeping like a baby.

Here are some snapshots taken with my long neglected Sony point and shoot camera.

He was calling his Mommy … telling her our location (she was happily shopping while I babysit the little boss). It was funny when I heard him describing to her … ‘there is a tree here!’, ‘there is a snowman here!’, ‘also a fountain!’. Hahaha! Snowman? Not the real ones of course … but those snowman-lookalike thingie at Vivo City. We were actually ermm … taking a ‘break’ at Brotzeit there.

If all goes well … there should be a couple of rolls ready for the lab by next weekend. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Hey wait! No … I’m not keeping them crossed! I’ll keep them busy pressing the shutter buttons. I’ve yet to even finish the test roll on the Tolne!


  1. Nice hairdo Fitzand 😉

  2. Yea, I get that feeling too when I overload all my cameras.

  3. @Ta : Hahahaha! Talk about that … the hair is really funny eh? Gosh. He kept moving non stop when I tried to trim it and I had no choice but to proceed with it as long as it keeps the hair shorter. It was getting way to warm in this crazy weather and he refuses to go for haircuts. Duh. Drives me crazy sometimes. Gotta go try drag him to a barber soon.

  4. What’s with 3yos and the Godzilla pose? I’m getting that a lot now and the “Silly Silly” thing too…

  5. @nelly : you’ve gotta ask our godzilla master … ms ruru. She must be spreading this cult far and wide.

  6. Like father like son 🙂

  7. @Mijonju : Hahaha!

  8. @meek : Yeah. It is quite a painful wait for all the rolls in the different cameras to be ready for the lab. Haha. I’ve just managed to finish one today.

  9. haahhaha im keeping long hair already!!!! hahahah no more shroom!!!!

  10. @noreen : Too late. We’ll always remember your shroomy hairdo.

  11. let’s cheers! haha~ I like a happy ending 🙂

  12. @jojonas : Hahahaha!

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