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A Lensbaby diary

By • Dec 5th, 2008 • Category: Lead Story

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  1. I like your site. Is this set up through a photo blogging service ? If so, which one?

    Keep on bending!

  2. Emm, thanks. I am using WordPress and I modified bits & pieces here & there.

  3. I love the photo montage you’ve put together!

  4. i love this site…and i think to see everyday the new pics that you will post here…take care!

  5. Wow…ndroo.
    What nice looking site! Keep it up Bro! SOLID!

    Come and join Lensbaby, SIngapore Club at Flickr!!!


  6. superfinefeline, 80’s_ego & david … thank you.

    David … the group has been pretty quiet. Not sure why but maybe LB lovers in Singapore are too shy? 😀

  7. I don’t own any LB at the moment. Still struggling with my DSLR. But I love your pics and have been telling my friends about this webbie page! 🙂

  8. superfinefeline, thank you very much 🙂 I’m sure you’re having lots of fun with your DSLR

  9. Now I am lusting after a lens baby again…..
    Like I NEED another lens!
    Great photos. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  10. @Curtis : Thank you. Oh yeah … go grab a Lensbaby now. Hahaha. It’s not a WANT kind of lens … it’s a NEED type. 😛

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