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Took 2 days off and brought my family for a short getaway at Sentosa. Checked in a chalet (which doesn’t sell beer!) and had a great time at the Universal Studios Singapore (USS) for two days. Took Fitzand for some fun at the beach (he loves to play there) on the first day and the sunset that evening was beautiful!

The next 2 days were spent playing in the USS and despite the fact that I decided not to bring along my Spinner 360 … I was made to spin many times. The little one wanted to go on his favourite Madagascar carousel … many times! He’ll pick a different character each time. *sweat* The other massive spinning I had to go through was some flying dino ride as well as some yellow space thingie. The worse sessions were those after I had a few pints of beer on the last day during tea break. Hahaha!

I am very sure Fitzand had a great time because he got to meet his ‘friends’ from Madagascar. The last time he saw them was when we were at Ocean Park in HK but those were just still displays. This time he got to see them groove to his favourite track … ‘I like to move it’!

I’m still struggling to finish putting together some short video clips that I took. Well … those are more for Fitzand’s entertainment … so there’s nothing too interesting. Hahaha! It is Monday (again!) tomorrow and I just came back from a beer session with some buddies at the Gastrobar. Now I’m praying that a hangover won’t come knocking tomorrow morning.


  1. Sunset shot was good… Glad you had fun!

  2. Why don’t wanna $pin?!!!

  3. @nelly : Thanks

    @cyanwater : Don’t know. Spinning too often might not be good for the wallet. Hahaha!

  4. Nice getaway!!! Wow….2 days at USS, is it that fun? I am going soon….

  5. @Jer : Pretty okay. I still prefer Disneyland on a cold day. Pray for a cloudy and cool day when you are there (despite the fact that we love the sun for good photos). It is super duper hot!

  6. Yah…the weather kinda turn me off. I always think that theme parks only exist in countries with cold weather…haha! The place looks quite deserted from the photos and it seem like there are more cartoon characters than visitors. I am going on Thursday and hopefully I will not be hit by the school holiday crowd….

  7. @Jer : Ain’t that bad. Be a man! LOL! I’m sure it is all worth it when you see the happy face on the kiddo.

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