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Before you click on the video below, please note that there ain’t nothing too amazing or interesting in it. Hahaha! It is just a short video pieced together for little Fitzand to watch while I am busy stealing time to sit down and rest. Put together these little clips and got it done in around half an hour (I don’t have much patience with these stuffs) but the video uploaded to Vimeo is not in HD.

The Vimeo’s restriction of a 500MB max filesize forced me to render a lower quality version and then Vimeo somehow compressed it to near death. Anyway … if you wanna waste about 12 minutes of your time watching the Madagascar characters boogie away, Fitzand shaking his bum and having fun … and some screaming from him … go ahead. Hahaha! He was actually laughing away during some ride but started screaming (for fun!) after hearing some girls screaming away. Okay … if you are ready … say ‘Goodbye 12 minutes!’ and …


  1. he really had a hell lots of fun!!!!

  2. He sure likes to dance…..

  3. @noreen : Oh yeah. Ride after ride … even skipping his noon nap … fun all the way and we had to sweat all the way. LOL

    @Jer : Yeah. He loves to move it. LOL!

  4. So the video editing is done with iMovie? How did u create the fast motion? I got my iMac finally 😀

  5. @Jer : Yeah iMovie. Just adjust the speed in the properties.

  6. Ok…thanks…..will try it out!!! 😀

  7. @Jer : Oh yeah. iMovie makes things so simple … even a video newbie like me can figure out how to get simple things done in minutes. Hahaha!

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