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This is something I thought I would just post in my Facebook for fun but since I’ve made the effort to put it together … I thought I might as well post it here in my blog. Unlike my other videos that waste many minutes of your life watching … this one is super ultra short and I guess you won’t be complaining. 😀

I was just killing time during the weekend when Fitzand was taking his nap and shot a few short video clips with my Pentax K-x and the Lensbaby Composer. Well shooting started a bit late (after I munched some chips and sipped some wine) and a while after I started … suddenly Fitzand appeared beside me with a grin. He softly said ‘I wanna play~’. Apparently he was woken up by the ‘ding~’ sound made by the little bell (is that what you call it) on the typewriter. For those ‘modern people’ who has not touched a typewriter … ermm … I don’t really know how to explain when the typewriter will go ‘ding~’ but it is something like when you reach the end of a line. Ermm … nevermind. 😀

This cool typewriter was given to me by Noreen … a typewriter collector. I mentioned that I wanted to get one for Fitzand to have a feel of what analogue is and she so kindly donated one to me. 😀


  1. Edit with iMovie? I am totally amazed by simplicity of iMovie….loving it so much that I am spending more time with video….

  2. @Jer : Yeah iMovie. I’ve yet to figure out how to use Final Cut Pro properly, so iMovie is the best for now.

  3. I can’t view the movie on iPhone! grrr..

  4. @hannah : Hmmm … LOL. Okay. Switch phone!

  5. Hilarious!! When I take my kids on janunts to the antique stores they love playing around with typewriters. I’m fascinated by rotary phones and keep thinking I’ll find one that works one day.

  6. @Jenni : Rotary phones are way cool too!

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