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It was a last minute decision to bring Fitzand to check out the Kite Festival 2010 at the Promontory @ Marina Bay. Unfortunately the parking there was crazy (car parks were full!) and we decided to spend the evening at the Marina Barrage instead. Well … there are tons of people flying kites there anyway. We bought Fitzand a rainbow kite (he wanted a Mickey one but the girl at the counter told us that it is pretty darn hard to get that one to fly) and my heart was beating like a drum. Not because the kite is costly … but I was worried that I might not be able to get the kite up in the air. Hahaha! Ok … you can laugh but the last time I got one up flying … it was maybe during my primary school days. Yeah … a billion years ago!

Here are some snapshots …

Luck was on my side and the kite was up flying in minutes. Yay! I’ve never been interested in kites (they make me wanna fall asleep) but I thought that for Fitzand … it might be fun. Who knows that once the kite was in the air … he held on to the string for a few minutes seconds and told me that he wanted to play with his soap bubbles instead. Argh! So we had to leave the kite flying to his mommy and proceed for some bubble blowing fun.

See … that’s our rainbow kite! Fitzand kept pointing at the red one above and screamed ‘octopus kite!’.

He kept himself busy … huffing and puffing.

We left after sunset and had a great dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant before heading home. We’ll have to bring him out to get him a lantern and some mooncakes to bring to the school on Monday. They’re having some little mooncake festival celebration there but too bad parents are not invited. Ermm … maybe it is fine because I’m running out of annual leaves soon.

Note to self : Must try finish that roll of Lomo redscale film tomorrow … X(


  1. : DDD it was people mountain people sea there!!! kites too saw a lot tangle together lol

  2. if i may ask, what lens are you using? i like the dof for the images. thank you. 🙂

  3. @Vonz : Oh yeah. Madness. Hahaha! Our kite got tangled for a while but luckily managed to escape from it.

    @StyleAnywhere : I’m using the Pentax 43mm f1.9 lens.

  4. We didn’t have a problem finding parking lots today! 😀

  5. @cyanwater : Lucky you! What time were you there?

  6. 4+, 5. 🙂

  7. @cyanwater : Hmm. I was there about 5 too but the day before. Perhaps they knew Queen ZLD Cindy was going and cleared the traffic for you?

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