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It was my first time participating in the annual Sunny Rehab organized by LomotionSG and since it was at a pretty nice place for some fun for Fitzand, I brought along the little one and his mommy for the outing. Of course I lugged along some cold beer to cool down on a pretty warm day. They had a ’36 frames’ competition but since I had to take care of Fitzand, I decided to give it a miss. To cure my trigger happy itchy fingers, I just went around firing some snapshots with my Lensbaby (plus fisheye optic).

Fitzand had a great time running around, playing with his toy helicopter, blowing soap bubbles and of course his favourite thing of the day was a ‘camera’ given to him by the famous cyanwater. She was also lucky enough to be ‘blessed’ with one of the first squirts from the ‘camera’ … from a distance! The auto-focusing must pretty darn good eh? LOL! Thanks, Cin. Thanks for the cool tee too! Fitzand was asking to see it when we reached home.

I’ve always wondered why the price of the Fujipet is so high (that I can’t afford one). After today’s outing … I think I know why! It is a babe-magnet!!!

Of course in the hot daylight … too much beer creates opportunities for some ‘interesting’ portraits. 😛

A masked girl tried to steal our beer and was caught red handed. Grrr!

There was also a special guest appearance by a very famous guy that most of us know. Stay tuned for his upcoming video about his ‘special trip’ here today.

Overall I had fun today. I wish I have a full frame camera to use with the fisheye optic for the Lensbaby but hmm … maybe I’ll use it on my film SLR next.


  1. LOL!!!

  2. What a bright sunny day to have fun! 😀 Those are scary masks though. :3 Is a Fujipet like a Propet? 😀

  3. i wish im there lo 🙁 wuwuwuwuwuw

  4. Great shots! Especially the one with fitzand and his squirting diana! 😉

  5. LOL…. who dare to steal your beer!!!!!

  6. @wynth : Fujipet is da bomb! LOL!

    @cyanwater : Thanks for the squirty cam!

    @noreen : Hahaha! You did run around with the beer!

  7. So much FUN!!!!

  8. @Vonz : Why were you NOT there??!!!

  9. Lol!!!!! So funny!!!! Looks like so much fun. Fitz’s water cam is awesome!

  10. aiyeh!! Such nice pics 😀 the ones of Fiona and “paper bag girl” are awesome.

  11. @Irorus : Why were you also not there?!

    @arienvalo : Thanks. Yeah … Fiona’s hair looks good in the sun! The paper bag girl? Oh the one that tried to steal our beer stock!!! LOL!

  12. @Ndroo- I got no paperbag that’s why. Lol

  13. @Irorus : LOL! Okay … next year I’ll bring lots of paperbags. I need one too (with opening to let me gulp beer)!

  14. Looks like i missed the fun!

  15. @Beam : Oh you sure did! 😀

  16. @Mijonju : Hmm. Strange that your comment went into the spam folder. Hahaha! Maybe WordPress now has ‘anti poison’ filter?

    @evaeva : Sorry your comment somehow ended up in spam too. Hahaha. Make sure you are here next year!

  17. Nice to meet you in person Ndroo 😛

  18. @Lawry : The pleasure is all mine! Great meeting you too.

  19. half a mind whether to comment or not….cos very likely I will kena the “Nelly, why were you NOT there??!?!?!” reply.. 🙁

    but…wat the heck!!

    This is hell fun! but I got stuck at home cos the little people in my house were snoozing away!

  20. didnt know the toy camera in the back of my cabinet can cost that much. thought of selling it but now…

  21. @nelly : Worry not. I was pretty sure you won’t appear. 😛

    @shunzi : Ermm … no. The cam is worth only about 10 bucks. I offer 50 bucks for yours.

  22. hahaha, true, I usually post poison on your blog hahahah, like makina 67? hehe i know this will go into spam too, because of the camera’s name.

  23. @Mijonju : Nope! This one didn’t go into spam! Strange eh? Maybe my spam block loves poison? Makina!!! OMG! Don’t tempt me!

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