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The itch to shoot instant film came back (again) yesterday and luckily there was my last pack of Instax Wide film in the drawer. Finished the entire pack at a short outing organized by the childcare that Fitzand attends … an hour of fun at the Bishan fire station. The kids had lots of fun despite the pretty darn hot morning.

Guess this was his favourite part of the outing (photo above). He was last in queue for this section and thus got to play with it for quite a long while. I got to ‘enjoy’ a bit of the ‘shower’ when I was going close to take a snap of them. *sniff sniff*

Fitzand tried to ask for the camera but since the price of Instax film is quite a killer … I had to turn him down. Passed him his Fisheye2 but he gave me back to me after take one shot.

Of course in between snapshots of Fitzand in action … I managed a couple of other photos. Too bad I was restricted to only 10 frames and thus had to hold back my trigger happy habit. Grrrr!

Those guys at the fire station were super friendly! I’m sure everyone went home with lots of memories (especially the kids). Although not part of the activity … Fitzand got to have a go at sliding down the pole with daddy’s old trembling hands ready to support him. He’ll be asking me to bring him to the station again real soon.

These two below were taken by his mommy when I took Fitzand for the ‘ride’. I almost wanted to plant my face in my hands when I saw her trip the shutter before I got Fitzand to look her direction. There goes a shot … 🙁 Hahaha! Well it wasn’t too bad though. I’ll let her use my digital cam next time … to be safe (on the pocket).

After the short outing, I went stock up 3 more packs of the Instax Wide and was a little surprised at the price increase. I do remember buying them at about S$15 to S$16 … and now it costs about S$19! I sure do hope it won’t end up as crazy priced as the Polaroids / Impossible Project ones … but then I’m also very sure there is no way they can do so (increase the Instax prices too much) as there ain’t no magic in them (as compared to the Polaroids).

No … don’t try ask me use Polaroids (at least for now) because a pack of film can buy me almost a large can of milk powder for Fitzand. 🙁


  1. were these taken with your hacked apart instax with the custom lenses?

  2. Hehe.. Same reason I stopped myself getting an SX70 while I was in HK.. If I’m not married with kids then sure go ahead… 😛

  3. @Erik : Nope. This is taken using a normal Instax camera. The one I hacked … I’ve yet to find time to finish modding/experimenting with it. 🙁

  4. yellow helmet shot — nice!

  5. @nelly : Haha! Yeah that’s my fav too. As a matter of fact, that’s the only one I took when I had a few minutes break while the little one had a drink break. It is too hard to really shoot properly when he is sticking to me like a leech. LOL! So is it time you pick up your instax from the shop? It is great for those ‘hardly can find time to finish 36 frames’ people like us. 😀

  6. Did Fitzand enjoy the view from the top? It is fantastic ain’t it? 🙂 Should go visit the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery if he’s interested in fire engines. That’s at Central Fire Station!

  7. @wynth : Oh yeah! Fitzand loves the trip to the top and was going ‘Oooh! We are going up!’. Hahaha! Will definitely check out the Central Fire Station soon. He loves the big read shiny fire engines … and so do I. Hahaa!

  8. i wish i can go too!!!! looks so fun!!!!

  9. @noreen : You should go check it out. Haha! Well it is less fun minus the kids but quite an interesting way to spend a couple of hours in the morning. Ask Jim to come along and after the fire station … we can crawl to Bishan park for … ermm … beer. 😛

  10. u serious… open to public to go in? no need arrange anything in advance huh

  11. @noreen : Yeah it is open to public. From 10am to noon if I am not wrong. I’m thinking of checking out the central fire station which is bigger but not sure about the timing. Do check it out and maybe we can go together. Hahaha!

  12. @leejiing : Hahaha! Very true!

  13. Just stopping by to say Hi! I have an Instax camera too.. and it was collecting dust because the refills are so expensive. Now I’m tempted to go drag it out again. Hahaa..

    Love your shots. Keep shooting! =)


  14. @Bing : Hey! Great to see you here. Yeah the prices of these instant stuffs are a little on the high side but to cure the itch instantly … sometimes we just have to give in. Hahaha!

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