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Pretty often I get asked this question … “How did you ‘dress up’ the cameras? Any instruction? Any video?”. My answer is usually “I don’t know how to really explain how it is done but you just need patience (a lot of it!) and some concentration to get things done nicely. As for the video … ermmm … no … I don’t have one. Sorry.”

So since I was doing up that Diana+ camera recently (check it out here), I decided to try shoot some photos of how I was doing it. Hate spending time editing videos and so I decided to use stop motion video instead. Set my cammie on a tripod and … here it is …

Okay okay okay! Stop cursing me! It wasn’t my fault that I ran out of glue in the middle of the night. Hmm. Maybe it was my fault after all. I didn’t have the time and energy to set up the camera to shoot the rest of the process on the last day … as it was about 430am when I jumped outta bed to finish working on it.

I’ll try again when I have time/mood/energy/patience to work on a next one. I … ermm … can’t promise. 😛


  1. nice!!!! half baked video!!!!! love it… still

  2. ai! hu! ai! ai! hahahaha lovely! 😀

  3. so cute!!!

  4. Hahhahahahahha the ending rocks!

  5. Art is like this ! thumb up.

  6. @everyone : Thanks. 😀 I promise to make a complete video someday. 😀

  7. walao eh….gimme my $ back can?! 😛

  8. @nelly : Ok! I’ll give you back your 20 bucks after you pay me about 10 times the amount for the toys you bought. Muwahahaha! They are pretty huge in a huge paper bag! LOL!

  9. @noreen, eva, quaisoir, Cynthia, choonhong : Thank you very much 🙂

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