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Cindy aka Cyanwater aka The Queen is no stranger to many of us here (in Singapore) when it comes to the Lomography/toy cam photography scene. She sweeps the prizes whenever she participates in any of the photo contests and not only is she a talented photographer … she runs the Lomography/toy camera shop, ThirtySix with her partner Jimmy.

It took a little too long for me to extract these answers from her but it was all my fault for being too busy to funish her the questions. I did so yesterday and in the evening … the replies were in an email to me.

The famous Cyanwater with news about her plastered all over the newspapers.

As an intro … in her own words … stolen from her website

“I love photography like a good romance. And I enjoy being able to capture and document life’s most looked forward day into a romantic love story.

Oftentimes, I’ve been described as a paparazzi. I believe in freezing spontaneous instant in an unobtrusive manner to bring out the finest account of an event. However, I don’t just capture a moment, I capture hopes, moods and emotions, turning them into priceless memories.

Browse through my collection and you will see pictures that reflect simplicity, creativity and individuality.

I hope to convey my blessing to you through my happily-ever-after pictures.”

She is also the one who made famous the words ‘Jung Le Du’ which means ‘Poisoned’ (by cameras/photography). Anyone wanna watch the video? Hahahaha!

Let’s see what she has to say …

We all know about your obsession with cameras & photography. Tell us something we do not know about you.

I love cooking and feasting. It’s therapeutic. I don’t aspire to be a chef but my enjoyment comes from sharing a great meal with my family and friends at the end of a hectic day.

If you were to be a camera, which one will you wanna be? Why?

Fisheye camera. Life shouldn’t be square! Sorry for the lame and expected answer but I really do love the fisheye. It never fails to surprise me!

You have maybe a million or more awesome photos (analogue). If you were to choose only ONE to share with us … which one will it be?

I’m sure followers of your blog will love this shot from my Diana Mini!

Note from ndroo : #(!@!@^*!&@!! You!!! Cyanwater must be pulling my leg by submitting this pic above but I have to professional enough to still *cough* post it. Damn! Cyanwater … I’m gonna kill you!

Now share with us five of your all-time favourite photos.

Five is too few! Can I share six instead? ;P

Note from ndroo : Of course six is fine. Nobody gets enough of your amazing shots!

Note from ndroo : Whoa! Nice butt! πŸ˜›

Note from ndroo : Click above pic for a larger version of the amazing Spinner 360 photo

LomotionSG and ThirtySix has played a big part in spreading the love of Lomo/toy cam photography here in Singapore. What do you foresee the local scene be like in the near future?

The trend is spreading like a disease. Soon, you’ll see more and more people hanging cameras around their necks like necklaces. LomotionSG and ThirtySix coexisted for a reason. We’re passionate about sharing our love for experimental photography. We don’t want people to buy cameras because it’s cool or give up after a couple of rolls just because the results are not as expected.

You just came back from a long vacation. In your bag … there is a roll of exposed film and a memory card that contains thousands of photos you took (during the vacation). You are forced to give up one of them (film or memory card). Which one will you give up? Why?

I’d probably give up the roll of film because I’m sure there are more than 36 photos in the memory card! Actually it doesn’t matter whether it’s digital or analogue, to me, photography is about expressions not technology. I do think film has its charm but digital definitely has its pros. Like I always say, analogue for play, digital for work!

How many cameras do you own now? Which one is your favourite?

Too many! I’ve a collection of old classic cameras, besides those newer Lomography ones. If I really have to pick one, it’d be the Lomo LC-M – a cross between the past and the present. At least that’s what got me started.

Being a β€˜senior’ in this arena, any advise for those who are planning to get into this Lomo/toy/fun photography thingie?

What senior!!! I’m not thirtysix yet! LOL!!! This whole experimental photography thingy is not a fashion statement but it’s all about fun, friends and exploring our mundane life in a different perspective. If you want some advice, come down to thirtysix! haha…

I bought my first classic Diana & Cosina CX2 cameras from you when we were strangers. Tell me honestly … did you rip me off?

I swear I didn’t! Jimmy did after I spread the poison to you!Β  LOL (Note from ndroo : Oh dammit!)

That’s all for the interview. Do drop by ThirtySix to pay tribute to this Queen when you have the time and tell her how awesome she is and don’t forget to give her a slap or two on my behalf for submitting a photo of my fat face above. I thank you in advance. πŸ™‚


  1. woohooo!!

  2. Love the photos taken by Cindy : D

  3. Those are such awesome photos especially the first shot! πŸ˜‰

  4. JLD!!!! my IDOL!!!!!!
    even the diana mini picture is so AWESOME!!!!!
    and got the latest autumn WINNING picture…..

  5. I hate the Diana mini picture! Hehehehe!

  6. gr8 interview ndroo!!! when i first joined lomotionsg i thot she was a fierce person Haha! But, infact she damm funny and always willing to her lomo knowledge πŸ™‚

  7. when i first loined lomotionsg i thot she was a fierce and unfriendly person . Haha! i was wrong, she’s damm funny in person and she’s always willing to share her lomo knowledge πŸ™‚

  8. lol! she’s fierce alright! unfriendly, maybe not.

  9. I second what ymmij said. Hahaha! She roars!

  10. This interview beats all the ST/Newpaper/BT/FT/BR hands down.

  11. damn good interview! hail the queen! :))

  12. analogue for play, digital for work! INDEED! πŸ™‚

  13. Great Interview!!! JLD!!

  14. Nice read! Cyanwater is the best!!!

  15. Thanks for the good comments. *blush*

    I appear unfriendly only because I’m shy. Hehe..

    What fierce!!! I’m always nice to ndroo and jimmy hor!!! hmmphhhhh!!!

  16. actually hor…. i also felt the same as lawry…. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH

  17. I’m sure it’s not just Lawry and you!

  18. But she seemed nice n sweet when we first met! Must be trying to rip off this poor old man. πŸ™

  19. What seemed!!! I’m still nice and sweet, ok! hmmphhh!!!

  20. @cyanwater : Of course you still are! (does saying that exempt me from having to buy you curry puff during my next visit?)

  21. Nice to meet you cyanwater.

    Thanks ndroo for sharing this.

  22. @Ta : My pleasure. πŸ™‚

  23. @ta: Nice “meeting” you too. πŸ™‚

    @ndroo: I also want kopi. Thanks!

  24. Nice stuff. I need to visit again, and hopefully meet The Queen. πŸ˜‰

  25. lovely interview!!!!!!!

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