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  1. woohooo!!

  2. Love the photos taken by Cindy : D

  3. Those are such awesome photos especially the first shot! 😉

  4. JLD!!!! my IDOL!!!!!!
    even the diana mini picture is so AWESOME!!!!!
    and got the latest autumn WINNING picture…..

  5. I hate the Diana mini picture! Hehehehe!

  6. gr8 interview ndroo!!! when i first joined lomotionsg i thot she was a fierce person Haha! But, infact she damm funny and always willing to her lomo knowledge 🙂

  7. when i first loined lomotionsg i thot she was a fierce and unfriendly person . Haha! i was wrong, she’s damm funny in person and she’s always willing to share her lomo knowledge 🙂

  8. lol! she’s fierce alright! unfriendly, maybe not.

  9. I second what ymmij said. Hahaha! She roars!

  10. This interview beats all the ST/Newpaper/BT/FT/BR hands down.

  11. damn good interview! hail the queen! :))

  12. analogue for play, digital for work! INDEED! 🙂

  13. Great Interview!!! JLD!!

  14. Nice read! Cyanwater is the best!!!

  15. Thanks for the good comments. *blush*

    I appear unfriendly only because I’m shy. Hehe..

    What fierce!!! I’m always nice to ndroo and jimmy hor!!! hmmphhhhh!!!

  16. actually hor…. i also felt the same as lawry…. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH

  17. I’m sure it’s not just Lawry and you!

  18. But she seemed nice n sweet when we first met! Must be trying to rip off this poor old man. 🙁

  19. What seemed!!! I’m still nice and sweet, ok! hmmphhh!!!

  20. @cyanwater : Of course you still are! (does saying that exempt me from having to buy you curry puff during my next visit?)

  21. Nice to meet you cyanwater.

    Thanks ndroo for sharing this.

  22. @Ta : My pleasure. 🙂

  23. @ta: Nice “meeting” you too. 🙂

    @ndroo: I also want kopi. Thanks!

  24. Nice stuff. I need to visit again, and hopefully meet The Queen. 😉

  25. lovely interview!!!!!!!

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