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I don’t mean to scare anyone out there but these are some of my test/experimental shots I did just now with my Instax Mini 55i and an Optrixx Camera (given to me by the famous Cyanwater). The Optrixx Camera isn’t really a camera, but rather a traditional optical amusement thingie. Since the Instax camera isn’t the type where you can actually see what the lens ‘sees’, it was a matter of trying out and pray something turns out okay.

The Optrixx … a cool present from Auntie Cyanwater 😛

I couldn’t find a subject to perform the test shots on (I didn’t wanna get Fitzand to model as I was worried the results might scare him off) … so I sacrificed myself …

Tried holding the Optrixx a little further (with the naked eye, you do see more/cooler duplicated images) but it seems that it doesn’t work well with the Instax. The black ring around the ‘lens’ is visible …

Hope I didn’t scare anyone of you with these eerie looking images. Hahaha! I’ll try again someday but with better looking subjects. I don’t really look that scary (like in the photos above). Here’s a proper one taken by Noreen during the ThirtySix’s 1st anniversary …


  1. wah lao the multi nose one damn scary. LOL so many wholes! Cool leh! 8D

  2. @Vonz : I went ‘eeeew’ when I saw the result (of that nose one). Hahaha!

  3. THE NOSE!!!! hahahahaha its like ….. i dunno wat is the word to describe….

  4. Good job we don’t have to pay for air…otherwise you might get charged extra with those noses…

  5. Awesome shots.
    Some turns out looking like beehives. >:}

  6. @noreen : Hahaha! I’ll get a new nose when I’m at your exhibition this weekend. 😉

    @Ta : Oh yeah … phew!

    @Bone : Thanks 😉


  8. @cyanwater : bcoz it is the least scary or do u just like to see my full fat face? :p

  9. oh no i did not draw a bee hive nose…!!! hahahah

  10. @noreen : Not too late! Hahaha! Hope to meet you at the exhibit tomorrow. Have fun!

  11. WHOA!!! the first one looked ok…but the one with the nose……..

  12. The 3rd instax is SCARY! :O
    Where to get one of this Optrixx Camera? 😀

  13. @bryson : Not sure about where you can find one locally but I’m sure if you Google it … there are lots of them out there. eBay might a good source too. 😉

  14. the shots are damn creepy. @.@ just in time for Halloween!

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