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The weekend is coming to an end (again) and this has gotta be one of the craziest weekend ever. My brother and a friend came visiting (from Kuala Lumpur) and although I welcomed them with open arms … my liver didn’t. These two seems to be the biggest boozers alive that I know!

Stay away from these guys if you see them on the streets. They left Singapore at about 5pm and I thought they were heading home … until I got a call an hour later … to say that they were ‘taking a sip or two’ in Johor Bahru! OMG! Sick!

From the moment they arrived here in Singapore, we started gulping down icy cold beer since around noon … and that went on until way past midnight! Thank God I didn’t woke up with a hangover today but we still ended up at Sentosa for some beach fun aka boozing. Of course I wouldn’t leave Fitzand at home and the little one had a great time (as usual) at the beach as well as playing pool.

A penguin foams past the biology.

Pool? Hahhaa! He’s a big fan of the game but in past … I had to carry him while ‘playing’. Now that he’s grown much taller, I told him that the cues were broken (liar!) and he had big fun playing it with his bare hands. 😀

Soon he had a fan …

Fitzand wasn’t very impressed when made to pose with the alcoholic uncle. Hahaha!!!

Oh … I also managed to finish a roll of 24exp cheap long expired negative on my Fisheye2 cam today. Gotta make a trip to lab tomorrow and hope something decent comes outta it.


  1. Such concentration!
    (His fan is not bad either!)

  2. The alcoholics reached KL I think way past midnight coz i was already in deep slumber. Z says thanks for the dollhouse 🙂

  3. @Ta : Hahaha! Yeah I was laughing at how serious he was at the game.

    @Kristine : Yup! I heard about the midnight arrival. These two must be locked away for a year or two … away from booze. LOL! Don’t thank me for the dollhouse. Thank Fitzand instead. He was the one who said ‘buy this toy for mei mei … not for boys.’. Hope we can all catch up soon in … ermmm … *sweat* BP.

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