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A roll of el cheapo 24 exposure Top Crest ISO200 negative (I think some supermarket brand) that was part of a bundle when I bought some film from eBay ages ago was fed to my Fisheye2 a month back and finally during my short outings with my brother yesterday … I got to finish shooting the roll.

The yummies!

#1 alkie … my brother

Of course not forgetting his partner in crime getting drunk … Mr. Low …

It has been some weeks since I has had any film to scan and so I made a dash to the lab during lunch … just to make sure I can see the results tonight. 😀 Call that the ‘analogue withdrawal syndrome’!

Fortunately I brought the ringflash along and managed to get some okay shots. Those taken under shade at the pool table are a little dark though. Grrr!

The one who usually makes a dash for my Fisheye2 cam was too busy with his stuffs that he ended up as my model too …

The only one shot that was taken a few weeks ago is this one taken at the firestation during our visit there. Fitzand was bugging me to carry him and rushing to play with the hose (!!!) that I had only enough time to fire one shot …


  1. nice nachos! 😛 What was Fitz busy with anyway?

  2. @nelly : He was busy playing with sand and his excavator and stuffs. Then later on he was busy with the pool table and yummies. LOL! The nachos? Not bad but still the ones at Cafe Iguana are nicer. 😀


  4. fitzand pouty lips…. awesome shoot

  5. Woah what flash were you using? Nice kinda glow..

  6. @Zig : I used the Lomo ringflash for these.

  7. @Cynthia & noreen : Thanks!

  8. tink my ringflash collecting dust 😛 but like your fisheye shots!! 🙂

  9. @lawry : My ringflash always does that too. I only use it on the FE2. Hahaha! Thanks.

  10. lawry.. if u dun want to waste your ring flash can always pass to me… mine is falling apart due to too much usage… LOL

  11. that fitz is a cutie!! the pout is fantastic!!

  12. @Jenni : Thanks 🙂

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