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Not sure of it a case of coffee overdose or there is something else that’s keeping me awake. I should be sleeping earlier after the last couple of long nights (blame the beer) but I just couldn’t do so. Grrrr! I thought I could spend some time tidying up my blog layout but I was too tired to look at PHP codes. After spending a day with software codes in office … I don’t think I should be touching my blog layout stuffs tonight.

As I was standing outside … taking a puff (aka cancer sticks) … I saw some cool lightning from the city area. Suddenly I had this urge to try shoot the cityscape with some cool lighting as a bonus. Hmm. I went in … took the camera outta my cabinet and then the next thing I realised was that I needed a tripod. Being super duper lazy … I decided to rest my cam at the window ledge (of course still holding on to the strap in case it decides to jump 29 floors down) and then being curious … I set the camera to the HDR mode and fired some shots. 5 minutes later … no lightning were in sight. Sigh! Here’s a little consolation for myself … minus the lightning. 😀 This was taken using the el-cheapo Pentax K-x and the kit lens that came with it.

I ain’t a landscape shooting kind of guy … so here’s my very newbie attempt …

* click on the image below for a bigger version


  1. i looks awesome….

  2. awesome lah!

  3. Damn….I want a view like yours!!!

  4. @noreen : Hahaha! You look awesome? Yeah ok … you do. 😛 Must be too excited and can’t sleep coz of your birthday eh? 😛

    @nelly : Thanks.

    @Jer : Come be my neighbour. 😀

  5. hahahahha…. yah i look awesome!!!! damn!!! u are so right woo hooo!!! birthday sure awesome!!!

  6. hahah i don’t disgree that you look awesome noreen! XD

    chio pic ndroo!! : D now i know where u live! OxO can even see flyer wor…

  7. @Vonz : Hahaha! Yeah I can see part of the flyer. That’s why I park my butt at home when I wanna watch the fireworks. Too bad some tall buildings block part of the view though.

  8. can we give to you place when there’s fireworks? : P wahahaha

  9. @Vonz : If I am at home … why not? Just don’t forget to bring beer. Muwhahaa!

  10. Nice view!

    I’m clueless about HDR. So does your camera generate the pics shot with different settings in HDR mode?

  11. @cyanwater : Actually I ain’t sure how the HDR (in camera) works but since you asked … I Googled. 😀 Here are some info

  12. looks great!

  13. @Jenni : Thank you

  14. swee lah! master tio si master!

  15. @sumball : You must be joking! Hahaha! This one really was a ‘put cam on tripod, set to A mode and snap’ kind of shot!

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