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Phew!!!! It is Friday night and this must be one of the happiest one in quite a long time. Finally I can take a week off from work and go for a short trip … away from the crazy stack of work that is after me. I’ve yet to pack my stuffs but luckily I still have tomorrow to do so. Guess I’ll have a hard time deciding which camme to bring along because travelling with an active boy on a free & easy trip … isn’t that all easy. Gosh. Perhaps I’ll pick a couple of plastic cams in the end.

Talking about that, I picked up my Lomo Sprocket Rocket from ThirtySix the day before and I’ve yet to try it. Should I bring it along for the trip? Hmm. One thing I love a lot about the cam is the lens cap. Yeah … the lens cap! The retro looking cap is probably the coolest lens cap I’ve ever seen. Hahaha!

Yesterday the postman came knocking and I was surprised he handed me an envelope addressed from SkinsLove. They did send me some samples some time ago but I don’t remember ordering anything from them recently. Quickly I ripped open the envelope to find 2 cool new skins in there. One for the Fisheye2 and the other for the Ricoh Auto Half. Great! So I do have a white Fisheye2 that need some ‘dressing up’ but where do I find an Auto Half? No … I am pretty broke and I’m not gonna type ‘e b a y . c o m’! Maybe I’ll keep it until someday when I stumble across a cheap Auto Half.

I dug out my Fisheye2 at night and got the skin installed but I was wondering where the other long piece of skin should go. The two pieces are meant for the sides … the round one for the lens barrel … hmmm. Anyway now my FE2 looks cooler already! Do check out their SKINSLOVE webbie for more cool designs.

My brain is a little messed up from the messy work recently and I guess I’ll have to relax … let it all go … before I’m able to really enjoy my break. It is very strange that I was telling myself this morning … ‘bring along tons of film and go burn them like there is no tomorrow … that will help me forget the stress!’. Gosh … I’m worried. I sure don’t wanna spend too much time shooting because I promised my tummy that I’m gonna fill it big time and also spend lots of time with my boy instead. Help!


  1. warhhhhh rocket!!!!! i also want!!! warhhhhh your fisheye very chio!!!!!!

  2. @noreen : I m sure Jim will bring one home soon. I know of someone eyeing his lens cap though. LOL

  3. im going to try “someone” camera first…. need to prove to jim rocket is good then can buy… LOL

  4. @noreen : Cool! Go try it out soon. Hmm. I wonder why you need to prove to Jim that Rocket is good. He told me that it is good when he asked me to buy it! Damn! You mean he doesn’t know? :O

  5. to prove its GOOD for me… hahahahhahaa

  6. nice! does the skin feels like stickers or are they like a few mm thick? 🙂

  7. @bryson : The skins are pretty good. Doesn’t feel like those cheap paper/plastic stickers. They are pretty thick and has some texture feel to them.

  8. cool…I love the fish skin!

  9. @Jer : Oh yeah. The fishy skin is real cool!

  10. nice to see that you FE2 new look 😉 this one long sticker come on the lens, like a scarf 🙂
    look on my link, and you see there i apply this one

  11. @Andrius : Hey thanks for the info. Haha! So that’s what the long one is for. Cool! I’ll go try it out when I’m back in Singapore. Thanks a lot for the stickers too.

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