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It is already the 5th day since I landed here in Taiwan for a year-end break. Gosh. How time flies. Come Sunday and I’ll have to get my fat butt back in Singapore … and the next day … to W . O . R . K !!!!!!!!

Strange but true … I wasn’t really in the mood to take much photo since the day I landed. Not only with my analogue cams … but also digital ones. I ended up shooting more short video clips instead. Hahaha!

The last few days has been about eating (and eating and eating) and drinking and shopping and being half dead carrying Fitzand (20+ kg!) all over. My arms are bigger, my legs are aching, my back is breaking, my tummy (is supposed to be) bigger but I’m loving every moment. Since I didn’t take much photo, I decided to post some of these snapshots of yummies (taken when I do remember to do so before shoving them down my throat).

One of the most ‘FUN’ thing here is the variety of sizes that Heineken beer offers. The night before I thought the 750ml one was BIG … today I discovered a 1000ml one! Of course I couldn’t resist grabbing one of each … ermm … for taking photo purpose. 😛

The little one wanted to model for me with the cans … so …

… and here are the snapshots of the waistline enhancing project …

This is all gonna end this coming Sunday and so I swear I’m gonna try enjoy the rest of the vacation as much as possible. Well … maybe I’ll try finish a few rolls of film too. Maybe … just maybe.

* sorry of these photos look weird because I’m editing them using GIMP (which I don’t know how to use) and editing on my notebook usually gives photos a weird color cast. Note that I’m not blaming the beer? 😀


  1. look at this at this hour makes me hungreeee unker so evil! hahaah nice pics!

  2. Hungry!! One of the food shots look like roti prata wrapped around mun chan kueh!!!

  3. @Vonz : Ooops! 😀 Thanks!

    @wynth : Hahaha! That one is a bit like prata and inside is a fried dough fritter (aka ‘you char kway’). Yummy eaten with soya milk.

  4. you are bad to temp me at this hour!

  5. I think I can hear my tummy growling now…. time for a snack break! Thanks for the mouth-watering pictures! 😛

  6. @sumball : But the time you posted the comment was like only an hour or two from lunch? 😀

  7. warh shiok sia!!!!!

  8. @noreen : Pete did went for the Intl Flower Show thingie. I’m still waiting to see some photos from him (from the show).

  9. i also wanna see!!!!!

  10. Ooops! Sorry … wrong answer. Please click the ‘Go back’ option and try again. Thank you.

    Your comment:
    i also wanna see!!!!!

    Go back….

    i guess i was excited to reply…. hahahaha

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