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Stop right here if you don’t wanna waste 10 minutes of your time watching some random video clips (mostly of Fitzand) that I randomly shot during last week’s Taiwan trip. 😀 The little one loves watching himself in videos … so I spent most of the time shooting video instead of photos this time. I ain’t got too much patience (nor time) to edit videos … so I just pieced them together in maybe an hour last night.


  1. too stinkin’ cute…I watched to first few minutes and LOOVE his little dance solo in the middle of the sidewalk as everyone walks by.

  2. @Jenni : Thanks! Hahaha! Actually the dance part that I prefer is one at the train station. It is somewhere at the end of the video though.

  3. the pooh sweet!!!! he seems taller again!!!! and the pooh bread!!!! i admit i did some fast forwarding… lol

    * did i really click the wrong icon or wat???? arghhh

  4. @noreen : Hahaha! I’m sure many will fast forward it because it goes on for like 10 minutes! That’s already very short considering the amount of video clips I ended up with. Blame the trigger happy fingers! Now … is it really that difficult clicking on the man with a raised hand … or are you a spam bot? 😀 😀 😀

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