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This is definitely not the first time I’m screwing up a roll of redscale film … just because I forgot to compensate the exposure while shooting. The entire roll looks pretty underexposed and scanning the first few frames got me all down. The photos were like all grainy … lots of weird blue ‘dots’ … and a couple of long blue streaks (scratched?) all over some of them. I thought I might as well send the film strips straight to the garbage bin but some crazy idea came knocking on this old head of mine.

I was curious how it will turn out if I scanned the roll as postives (instead of negatives) and then try inverting them in Photoshop. Hmm. So I scanned a couple of shots and did just that … and I was pretty happy with the results! Hahaha! So now most of the photos turn out with a blue cast … instead of the super horrible blue dots and streaks. Hmm …Okay … so that’s one way to ‘save’ the screwed up roll!

Somehow those indoor shots turned out better (being scanned and inverted this way). 😀

I’ve another roll of xpro-ed slides to scan (from the Sprocket Rocket) … so let’s just hope I didn’t screw up that roll too. X(


  1. whoa!!! and I mean…WHOA…especially for that one in the jamban!

  2. @nelly : Muwahahah! Whoa!!!

  3. wow..niceeeeeeeee!

  4. @evaeva : Hahaha! Thanks. Maybe screwing up wasn’t that bad after all eh? 😛

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