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This entry was supposed to be published yesterday but I was just too busy to do so.

Fitzand’s teacher passed me some video clips taking during their rehearsal for their (the kids!) performances during the Christmas party this coming Thursday and I agreed to help piece together the clips for other parents to also enjoy watching them practice. The reason why she passed me these clips is because usually during the actual day … some kids are bound to freak out when they have tons of parents sitting right in front of them. Hahaha! That’s very true. Usually some will start crying, some will freeze right there … and you can imagine how stressful it was for the teachers. 😛

Seeing how much effort the teachers has put in … for the costumes (I particularly love the one with the snowman at the back!) and of course teaching/guiding the kids … I ain’t sure if I can stand a day doing that. Things seemed to go very well during the rehearsal but I’m sure it was chaotic in the first few sessions. I might just faint if I have to go through that. 😀 Now I’ll just have to wait another day to watch the actual performances …

Oh … I almost forgot to mention that I was a little worried when I saw Fitzand looking at the back of the two little girls who were performing beside him (in the begining of the video). It was a big ‘phew!’ when I found out that he was just looking at the cool snowmen stuck on their back instead. Okay … bad daddy! Bad daddy!

Some guests came over the night before and Fitzand was so excited that he ended up sleeping around midnight. You can see him yawning away during one of the performance. Okay … I admit that I was yawning away at work too. :X


  1. looks like he was pretty tired 🙂

  2. hahaha he looked so nonchalant while doing the Jingle Bells routine and looking at the snowman at the back of the girl beside him….
    But i think the teachers really are great to have made so much effort to get the kids to put up this show. Hope it’s a fun one today!

  3. hahahhaa.. the snowman outfit is very nice… hahahha im yawning now too…

  4. the snow man outfit is very nice… hahahha and im yawning now too…

  5. @mijonju : Hahhaa! Oh yeah. He looked as stoned as my mornings with hangovers. 😀

    @nelly : It was a little chaotic (as expected) this morning with some kids ‘frozen’ upon seeing the crowd. Stage fright I suppose. 😀 We had fun though.

    @noreen : Late night again huh? 😀

  6. This is so adorable! and the snowman costumes are really very nice. 🙂

  7. @lynn : I’ll post a short clip of the actual day performance in a day or two. They teachers did a right thing to video these rehearsals. It was (as expected) a little chaotic on the actual day with kids crying, freezing etc. Still they had fun because Santa was there. 😀

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