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Merry Christmas!!! Some find it hard to believe that I turned down invitations to go grab some beer last night (on Xmas eve) but it is very true that I made the decision to spend the evening at home with my family instead. Good boy eh? 😀 We just got back from some shopping and lunch at Orchard Rd and Fitzand got himself some new toys as early birthday presents. It is about 2 weeks to go til his 4th birthday but we decided to let him pick his presents first … since we were already out shopping.

I did steal some time to snap some photos using the Lensbaby and played with a couple of the aperture discs from the new Creative Aperture Kit 2. It wasn’t easy using the Composer with one hand but still I managed to bring home some Chrismas Lensbaby shots. 😀

This next one is my favourite of the lot …

While shopping … I ‘accidentally’ saw something that I immediately told myself to get it as my own Xmas present this year. Hahaha! No … not another camera!!! It is a neat looking Lambretta watch. I love the four windows visual on the dial but the two on the sides are actually printed graphics to resemble the kilometer counter on the speedometer. The two in the middle are for the date.

Gosh. I’m late for a dinner appointment. I’ll end this entry with two images of a very neat/cute/cool Christmas card sent to me by Nic from FourCornerStore

The cats are super cute eh??!!!

Gotta run now. Merry Christmas everyone! Have yourselves a great holiday!


  1. That watch is EXTREMELY cool!! How you liking the lensbabies? I’m tempted to put it on my list for next year. Got myself a Spinner 360 this year. Have a great holiday!!

  2. @Jenni : Lensbabies? I’ve been a big Lensbabies fan since the first version. I am using the Composer often now because I usually have to shoot with one hand (while holding the lil one with the other). I’d say the best fun you can get outta a Lensbaby is still the bendy ones like the Muse. Congrats on getting the 360. It is one fun toy! Merry Xmas to you & family. Cheers!

  3. Lamretta!!!!!! *squeals!*

  4. @Irorus : LOL.

  5. The cats are sooo adorable on the card!! >_< (I almost typoed and put "cakes"). Have a Happy New Year! 😀 May next year be filled with more camera purchases (hint: the Fuji-camera due out in Mar…) and great photographs! ^_^v

  6. @wynth : Thanks. A Happy New Year to you too. *sweats at the mention of the Fuji camera*

  7. ohh!!!! i forgot to tell u i got present for u… LOL

  8. @noreen : Present??!!! I hope it is not those photos of me in Hello Kitty ‘design’ in Facebook that you posted. LOL! Wanna join us for New Year drink/late lunch at Bras Basah?

  9. haahhaa…. no i cant me gonna be with mummy… Heehee hee

  10. @noreen : Mommy’s girl! Sweet! Okay you have fun. I’ll get Jim if he ain’t sleeping at the shop.

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