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I shiver whenever I hear my name being called while waiting at a dentist queue but it is a totally different story when I hear my name being called while I’m busy pounding my keyboard at my work desk. Of course the voice (of the person calling my name) must be from a stranger … and that is usually … the postman! A large parcel arrived today (a little late for Christmas but who’s complaining?!) and it in … the Tori Amos special edition Diana F+ camera! I was dead excited but had to contain the excitement til I get home and it wasn’t an easy task.

Since this is probably one of the nicest packaged Diana F+ … I tried to take some snapshots of the unboxing process. It is late at night and lighting is bad in my room … so the color of the camera might be a little off (from the actual thing) …

Enough of that crap and let’s move on to see what’s in the package. The 2-disc CD ‘From Russia With Love’ and a photoΒ  (one of 5 special photographs taken of Tori during the Moscow trip using the TORI camera) were not packaged in the rather big black box. Man … let’s finish with this and I’ll go listen to the CDs before bedtime …

Exclusive & Unreleased β€œLive from Moscow” Double CD” signed by Tori!!! Oh … there’s also a roll of 120 film thrown in.

Carefully opened up the big black box to reveal the die-cut piano box. This is one camera box that I’ll keep for good!

In it … the usual Diana F+ packaging but this one is in all black with some orangy text. Coolness!

Couldn’t resist but to take some snaps of the 4 sides of the box. On them are some lines from some of her songs.

The most exciting part now … the camera itself!!! It is really beautiful! I don’t really know what color you call it but it is like a little orangy/gold. Pretty! Pretty!!!!!

See the film advance knob!!! Pretty!!! Pretty!!!

See the signature at the back!!!

The only thing I didn’t quite like was the black color flash. I sure wish they had made it having the same color as the camera top. That will make it super awesome.

Even the book that I’ve always find unnecessary (maybe because I own one too many) has been given a new look (on the cover).

If you think the camera is the only thing that looks cool here … just look at the 2 ‘China’ edition lenses that comes with it. The wide angle & close up lenses. I love the fonts!

The wide angle one is called ‘Distance’ while the closeup is called … ermmm ‘Close’.

I know it is gonna suck real bad when my credit card bill comes but I’m very happy with this ‘investment’. I think I’ll never bring this out for shoots and it will definitely be joining the other ‘girls’ in the display cabinet once they return home.

If you are interested to get one too … check out this link.

* Update *

I took a second look at the camera after posting this and realise that the actual color (of the cam) is more orangy … more like the color of the words on the Diana F+ book above. I better put more effort to adjust white balance when taking photos next time. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

* Update 2 *

I did some Photoshopping to bring the colors (at least) a bit closer to the real thing. Due to my super sucky Photoshop skills … ermm … the color is not exactly the same (as the color on the cam) but at least it seems to be better than the original versions of these images. πŸ˜›


  1. I remind myself everyday that I have no affinity with Diana cameras so that I don’t spend money on them, but this set is SUPER PRETTY. >_< The poison is so strong. Thank goodness I can't access that website at work.


  3. Nasty stuff! WICKED! But luckily I have no idea who this Tori Amos is. So I don’t have the urge to go for it. I mean, if they do have a X-Japan or Dir en Grey version, IT WILL BE MINE! Hahaha~

  4. Love the packaging! But the color combi reminds me of Halloween. ;p

  5. @kaxdd : I ain’t a fan (of Tori) too. Hehehe. I just like the song ‘Silent all these years’. Maybe coz her songs ain’t noisy enough for my liking. LOL.

    @cyanwater : The colors ain’t really this orangy. Hehehe. I am just crap at color adjustments. LOL. I just poisoned someone (badly). She might fall for it … hehehehe!

  6. luv the piano packaging!

  7. @lawry : We should stop saying that! LOL! In case LSI gets inspired and packs their cams in such huge boxes … then shipping price will shoot up! πŸ˜€

  8. erm….if you have no use for the CD, gimme can?! πŸ˜›

  9. @nelly : The CDs???!!!! What???!!! Sure! Hahaha! They are yours! I’ve put them thru iTunes and the tracks probably sit there hardly played … so the CDs are definitely yours! One condition!!! Remind me the next time we meet for lunch/beer. Deal? πŸ˜€

  10. oh really?! GUM SIAH then!…Next round at HMC on me! When??

  11. @nelly : No problem at all. The HMC bill might cost as much as the entire Tori Diana + CD set. It’s okay, I can buy my own beer. LOL! When? Maybe in 2011. It is like a living hell at work now (I know your office is closed til 2011, so don’t rub it in!). Hehehe!

  12. the packaging is great – is that a carmel color, maybe? I just got a diana mini for xmas and am a bit puzzled about the advancing, seems to want to stay at various places, so can’t get any more camears until I figure out the ones I have! ha ha

  13. @Erik : Yeah I always lose hair (not that I’ve much to lose) when it comes to the Mini. It seems to be always stuck during advancing. Maybe I didn’t load it properly but I’ve heard many having the film advance problem. That’s why mine is hardly used nowdays. πŸ˜€

  14. oooooooooooo

  15. @ymmij : … and whose fault is it?

  16. Wow Very nice oh!

  17. woooooo….. nice….

  18. I’m sure. πŸ˜› It should the colour of her hair.

  19. @cyanwater : Yeah!

  20. Wow! tell about the little black book, is about pictures? how is it?
    is it good? do you have any pic about it?
    thanks πŸ˜‰

  21. @ Amigoacid : The little book? That’s the same book that comes with any other Diana F+ camera. It is just the cover that is different. In it are some nice photos taken using the Diana F+ camera, a little history about the camera and some photos of the different Diana cameras.

  22. hi
    i was just wondering if anyone who owns this item will be willing to sell the box that it came in?
    i collect Diana cameras but when i got this one from a seller they sent it to me without the box. im not after the piano box but rather just the box containing the camera.
    just to be clear, i dont need the camera or any of the contents, just the cardboard packaging that it came in.
    if you do, PLEASE contact me at

  23. oh and for people worrying about the diana mini film advancing. this is a factory error, if u go to the lomography site and loo it up in the ‘lomography magazine tipster’ section there is a do it yourself fix.

  24. @Clavell : I’ll let you know if I come across anyone who doesn’t want the box. Thanks for the info about the Diana Mini too. πŸ™‚

  25. thanks so much, just reiterating, its not the paino die cut box im after, just the diana box. πŸ™‚
    ive been searching desperatly.. haha and i have a 1/2000 chance of getting one but it seems like this is the only way i can contact people who have bought it alreayd.
    thanks again..
    hope u find somoene!! hahah



  27. @Clavell : Thanks for the link. πŸ™‚

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