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Almost an hour past midnight and it is already the 5th of January. This means it is my little boss’s birthday today! He went to bed earlier when I told him that tomorrow’s gonna be a long day … with a short birthday celebration with his friends at the childcare and then a trip to the zoo. He got his presents a little early this year (last week) and when we asked where he wanna go after the birthday celebration … he said … ‘to the zoo!!!’.

Time seems to zap past real fast and Fitzand is already 4!

Here are a some snapshots of him … taken a couple of evenings ago when he was playing in his room. He wanted to take some photos of the large animal stickers on his room walls and so …

Nevermind that thing on his head. 😀 That’s just his pants. 😛

The wildlife photographer even attempted some macro shots.

Then there were some moments he got down to some serious business …

That’s all for the night. Gotta go grab some sleep and prepare for a loooooooooooooong day ahead. Oh … I also got myself a new used camera today! Hehehe! I’ll post about it maybe tomorrow if I can still type after running around at the zoo.


  1. How time flies! Happy Birthday, Fitzand!

  2. Happy Birthday to 4yr old Fitz…4yr old Daddy…4yr old Mummy…

  3. ju ni sen reh kuai leh ” zand zand”….. his pants is so cute!!!!

  4. @cyanwater, Jer & noreen : Thanks! 😀 We’ve just reached home from a very very very long zoo trip. He’s gonna go zzzz very very soon. I need a beer.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Fitzand and he probably had a smashing time at the zoo. 😀

  6. @wynth : Thanks. Yeah he had big fun there especially at the pool at the kids section. When he was sleeping … he was having some dream about animals too. He kept going ‘take that giraffe! I want that animal picture!’. Gosh. LOL. I have a very short random video from the zoo. Will upload it later.

  7. Happy belated birthday big boss!

  8. @Ta : On behalf of my big boss … thank you! 😀

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