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While waiting for the lab to finish processing the couple of rolls that I’ve sent it … and getting them scanned tonight … I thought maybe I could just post up this very short random video clip that I took yesterday at the zoo. Fitzand had a blast there (as you can see from the clips at the pool) and ended up with some new animal toys (again?!) as additional birthday presents. I think he had way too much fun. He was having some dreams about animals (or toy animals) that he was going ‘take that giraffe! I want that animal picture!’ in his sleep. *sweat*

Worry not … the video is very very short … especially the animal parts. 😀

My legs are aching from all the walking yesterday. We rented that scooter thingie but since it is pretty darn expensive, we only rented one unit and wifey and Fitz were zooming around while fat old daddy dragged his old feet around the whole day. To make things worse … I had a heavy old beast (a Bronica ETRSi) I bought recently in my bag for test shots. Now I’ll just pray the test shots come out fine … at least it was worth the (shoulder) pain.


  1. I can see that he had GREAT fun! Such an active boy! I wonder why you don’t lose much weigh chasing him around! ;P

  2. @cyanwater : As for my weight … well … I’ve to maintain it. Thus the beer and nachos and burgers and hotpot and all the yums. 😀

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