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The Bronica ETRSi has always been one of the camera I wanna lay my hands on to have a feel on how to operate such a camera. Recently a reasonably priced one came along and I grabbed it to have some medium format fun. It came with a 75mm f2.8 lens as well as the AE-II prism. It is one heavy beast and I stole a little time off from the trip to the zoo yesterday to burn some film to test it out.

Struggled a bit and was trying to get used to the focusing (non split screen) as well as wondering if my old wrist will break after holding it for a while. Fortunately my fuzzy eyeballs seems to still work pretty fine and most of the shots came out fine. I’ve to be careful with the metering though. As I’m wearing glasses, I tend to not notice that the over/under exposure arrows in the viewfinder.

The first roll was a roll of Ektachrome 200 that is long expired.

Somehow this next shot turned out a little different. It has a more subtle colors and less green compared to the rest.

The roll got burned up pretty fast (blame itchy fingers) and fortunately there was another roll of 120 in my bag to test the camera further. I ain’t good at those technicalities and so my testing will be just to make sure the camera works fine. 😀

After lunch … I told myself that I’m begining to love this camera despite the weight. The very large viewfinder is a bonus for my fuzzy eyeballs. Perhaps I will lug this beast back to Malaysia when I’m there for the Chinese New Year next month.

Here are the rest of the surviving test shots …

… and more …


  1. Sweet sexy camera! I nearly got one back in Melbourne at a bargain! But I held my horses because I don’t want to suffer the aftermath of it when my mum comes over and see my collection of 2 years. Now that I’m back, hopefully can find a bargain again for a reasonably-priced medium format camera. Anyway, nice shots for a first-timer (assuming you are one…) Have fun!

  2. @kaxdd : Hahaha! You should have bought it and kept it under the bed. Your mum won’t see it! Problem is only when you have to lug them all back here (if you ever wanna come back). 😀 Yeah it is the first time I’m using such a camera and also focusing with a matte screen. Usually I use split screens or ermm … like using Dianas/Holgas … just estimate and whack. LOL

  3. shot with the flower….my fave!

  4. Wah! Can do macro !! Test shot also so nice. 😀

  5. Wow…stunning shots….I always wanted a cam like this but just not sure about moving out of the 35mm film league…

  6. @nelly : That’s my fav too. 😀 Took that while Fitz was busy feeding goats. 😀

    @doublechin : Macro? Nah. Minimum distance I think is 0.6m. Nice? You want me to buy you coffee … right??!!!

    @Jer : Thanks. One good thing about going 120 … is that for busy people like us … we can finish a roll real fast compared to 36 exposures. LOL.

  7. Yeah~ I’m back for good already! And my mum did see my collection of cameras, but she kept quiet about it. This makes me feel more guilty! Hahaha~ Now that I’m back for good, I can have a little more time to start shooting again!

  8. @kaxdd : Welcome home! Well it seems that your mum is okay with your toys! It is time to … buy more!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hahaha~ Thanks for the welcome home! Have to depend… Might stagger my time a little bit so it won’t appears that I am buying so many. Hahaha~ Strategize!

  10. ur cam collection is crazy! just found out your blog and I’ll be visiting often for sure!

    Btw, is the carousel shot from the zoo too? I need a carousel for my shoot. Thank you in advance ndroo 😀

  11. @Shir O : Ermm … I don’t really have many cams. Most of them are the same (Diana F+). Hahaha! Yeah the carousel is from the zoo at the kiddo play area.

  12. I just got myself a mini diana n blackbird, haven’t even finish a roll of film to develop and check it out. After looking at ur blog I feel inspired to do it soon! 😀

    Thanks for the info too!

  13. @Shir O : Those are some neat cammies! Quick go finish the rolls now!

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