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Something shocking happened during my trip to Taiwan recently. I opened up my camera bag … removed the back from my Diana F+ and … OMG!!! I forgot to bring along an empty 120 spool and also the bottom plate that holds the roll of film in place! I removed it to install the instant back some time ago but forgot to place it back! Oh no! For a second my plan to fire at least a roll with the camera went up in smoke.

A few seconds later I had an idea. I waited until it was late at night and hiding in the toilet (lights off of course!) and wound the film from a roll of 120 into another one. That of course made a big fat roll but it gave me an empty spool. Yay! Clever huh? 😀

It wasn’t easy keeping the roll of film and the empty spool in place without the bottom plate but a little bit of patience did the trick. Somehow I ended up not shooting much with the Diana because the Sprocket Rocket (and Fitzand) was keeping me busy all the time.

This roll of Agfachrome RSX II 200 travelled back here to Singapore, went for some shopping trips at Orchard Rd, then to Malaysia and then to the zoo a couple of days ago … before I managed to finish the 12 frames. Hahaha! That’s probably a record for me and my trigger-happy fingers!

If you are wondering why there are only 10 photos here …. well … 2 of them … didn’t survive. LOL.


  1. tsk…always hiding in dark toilets…doing something farnie….. 😛

  2. @nelly : U need to see Dr Droo ASAP!!!

  3. Love the first shot. Very Diana. It’s always funny how we take 3 times the time trying to finish 3 times lesser frames.

  4. @cyanwater : Yeah. Very true. I sometimes wonder why too. I can burn 36 exposures easily within a couple of hours but struggle to finish a 12 exposure instead. LOL.

  5. Actually I meant to say 2nd shot. But the first is nice too. 😛

  6. @cyanwater : You getting fuzzy eyeballs too now eh? 😉 😉

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