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Christmas is over? That’s what I thought until I went down to ThirtySix to collect my ‘girls’ after the recent Diana F+ showcase there. I went home … opened up the box … and in it was something I don’t remember passing to them. It was a box … sized like a normal Diana one … but wrapped up in some nice Lomography gift wrapper. Hmm. I thought it was a prank by those guys there but I almost screamed in excitement when I opened it up! It was a special edition Wrangler Diana F+!!! Whoa!!! I buzzed Jimmy (from ThirtySix) and asked him how much I owed him for the camera but he told me … it was meant to be a present! Hey I didn’t know Santa comes in skinny versions too! Thanks, Santa Jim! Oh … and of course I must thank his partner Santarina auntie Cindy too!

I remember Jimmy asking me why am I not getting this version of the camera and I told him that as far as I know … these are special prizes for some Lomography/Wrangler photo competition meant for some other countries only. Well … I also told him that even if the competition is for worldwide … my chances are way too slim. So I actually didn’t put any hope of owning this edition of the camera and this is one darn special present! Thanks again, ThirtySix!

From online images, I thought that the color (the top) of this camera is similar to the MoMa version but the actual thing is definitely different (the color). The color is slightly lighter. The body has a rubbery skin too.

While I was still smiling happily at the sight of this camera, I suddenly noticed a small brown folded paper that dropped out of the box. It probably fell out while I excitedly pulled out the present. I took a closer look … hey another present!!! I opened it up … and in it are some very cute DIY creative aperture discs made by the talented Noreen! I’d probably slice off my fat fingers if I were to try cut them this well! Thank you, Noreen! Oh … Noreen … if you are wondering why the cute stickers are not in this photo below … they were ‘kidnapped’ by Fitzand the moment he saw them. He carefully peeled them off and told me they are meant for his bedroom wall. LOL!

While I was at ThirtySix, I also picked up a pack of film for my SX-70 and *sweat* Fitzand wanted two of those cute light/sound producing keychain cameras. Luckily he wasn’t interested in the TLR version … otherwise my pocket will be even more badly damaged.


  1. Awww~~ so sweet and nice!!

  2. merry christmas!!!! ah

  3. it is still within 12days eh? kekekeke

  4. @Irorus : Yeah!!!!

    @noreen : Thanks! Hehehe. Merry Christmas to you too! 😀

    @saklas : We can always extend it. 😀

  5. Hi, could i have your email? So that i could ask you something? Its about a product for a camera, which i am keen on having but i dont knw where to find it. Perhaps, you could help me with it.

  6. @Alexis : I’ve emailed you. 🙂

  7. […] Christmas, we at thirtysix, gave him a very rare piece, the Diana F+ Wrangler. A version you can’t buy off the shelf as it’s a ‘special’ prize for some […]

  8. […] … those awesome people from ThirtySix gave me a super duper surprise when they gave me the Wrangler special edition Diana F+ for Christmas. That camera was meant to be a prize for some competition and they managed to hunt one down for me […]

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