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Cindy (aka Cyanwater) from ThirtySix gave Fitzand a Christmas present that he loved lots. It was a disposable camera called ‘LOL CAM’ and he wanted to use it the moment he ripped apart the box (in the car!). I managed to stop him and later taught him how to use it. Luckily his finger was long enough to reach the front to press (and hold) the flash button. I thought that roll of 24 exposure film wouldn’t last an hour … since I decided to just leave it to him to decide where & when to fire the shots but he wasn’t trigger happy. He’ll hand the camera to me after a couple of shots and that’s why these photos below were taken all over the places … at home, in my in-law’s place in Malaysia, at Orchard Road etc.

The cam is ‘pre-loaded’ with some fancy ‘frames’! I saw some of these available on Urban Outfitters online store.

Even my dad ended up as his model!

He made me make funny faces! He’ll demonstrate how he wants it done … then poor old me had to do it.

It is sometimes a little worrying because he’ll suddenly run into my room and tell me ‘Daddy! I took photo of the Care Bear CD box!!!’. CD box???!!!! Okay … I told myself to be prepared to see some super blur (if anything appears at all) photos. After scanning these shots … I’m pretty surprised most are okay!

Fun? 😀 I had big fun watching him having fun with the camera. Even after I explained to him that the camera cannot be used once he has finished using it … he sometimes still ask me for ‘Jie Jie Cindy camera’. *faint*

So I taught him how to use the camera, helped him lug the camera all over, wasted some petrol to send it to the lab, wasted more petrol collecting it from the lab, scanning it and posting it online … no problem at all. BUT … BUT … there is one thing that made me have second thoughts about getting a similar camera for him. See THIS <– Click here!!!


  1. WTF was the best shoot!!!!!


  3. HAHA Noreen, i agree! the WTF shot with droo’s face in it is the best shot!

    Well done, Fitz, on all the shots!

  4. hahahaha.. NIce to see Daddy as the model for a change!

  5. @noreen, Cynthia & nelly : …. I’m gonna kick your butts!!! X(

    @irorus : Yeah. He’s learned how to make me monkey around in front of the camera now. Karma. 🙁

  6. WTF shot is a prized shot!!! Hahaha…

  7. 😛 try lah…not HMC treat for you.

  8. @Jer : You’re gonna get it from me too!!! 😀

    @nelly : Oh I am so afraid! Hehehe! Let’s ask the girls for some knuckles & bier one weekend la. Minus that person we banned of course. 😉

  9. what a great camera! Fun to use when you want random photos on a holiday!! Where can I get one? 36?

  10. @wynth : I am not sure if ThirtySix has it. Better call them to find out. 😛

  11. hahahahahahhaa WTF! whahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  12. @evaeva : EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. WTF!!!!! Hahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!! Well done, fitzand!!!! Mummy’s LOL and daddy’s WTF! Hahahahaaa!!!! So fun!!! The OMG is funny too! Some shots were nicely framed too! Fun!!!

  14. I mean FUNNY!!!

  15. @cyanwater : Hahaha! Whose fault is it that I’m now labelled WTF? X( Thanks for the cam. Fitzand really loved it and had big fun.

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