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It’s Saturday and the weekend has been so far so good. After a short delay, I finally unpacked all the ‘girls’ (aka Diana cameras) and placed them back in my cabinet. I bet they were wondering what had happened since I collected them back from ThirtySix. 😀

As usual … weekends (at least most of the hours) are time spent with family (99% for Fitzand, 1% for wifey) … we took him out shopping and had an awesome brunch. Of course Mr Itchy Fingers couldn’t resist some snapshots …

Fitzand was delighted when his mommy bought him a new toy today.

Little boss agrees that the drinks, dessert and food are good!

I also picked up a book. A book about developing applications on Android. Gonna lose some hair picking up something new but after spending donkey years in programming in many platforms … I’m sure (a little) that it shouldn’t be too difficult for me. The only problem is … finding time to read and trying it out.

Oh … before I end this entry … these are some snapshots of a case I got for my Galaxy Tab recently. I usually have to make sure my ‘toys’ are safe for handling by my kiddo … and thus I’ve no choice but to ‘wrap it up’. 😀

Please refrain from asking me ‘Why not iPad?’. I won’t answer you. 😛

Fitzand ran out of battery and just fell asleep. Time to go burn some film on my SX-70. Stay tuned for photos! Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. So…why is it the Galaxy pad?

  2. @Jer : The question is … why not the Galaxy Tab? Oh … see? Now even you think every tablet is called a pad. Muwhahahaha.

  3. Oh man…the iPoison is deadly…SO for the revised question…Why is it the Galaxy Tab? Haha…

  4. because flash games can be played on a Tab?? 😀

    that casing looks very good! Fitzand can probably drop the tab a few times and it’ll still be ok. 🙂

  5. @Jer : Your question has been escalated to our R&D department. They will get back to you soon.

    @wynth : Drop!!!!! Nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Why not iPad? You know you’ll love it as much as your iMac. There are many nicer strong iPad cases out there!

  7. @cyanwater : I’ve spent some time with one but don’t see the big deal with it. Hehehe.

  8. I agree when I own an iphone. Then what’s the big deal with your galaxy tab?

  9. @cyanwater : No big deal with the Tab. Muwahahaha! It is just that I don’t need to follow the rest who keep telling me the Pad is a big deal. 😛 Oh and also it can fit in my big empty pocket. 😛

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