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Fed my SX-70 with a pack of PX70 Color Shade PUSH film that I bought recently and after figuring out what I need to do to ‘push’ … I gave it a go. Somehow I still prefer the Artistic Z film but well … I was curious …

I like the cool black cover it spits out. 😛

This one above is the first shot. I was a little shocked when the film ‘spit out’ from the camera was blue (on the image area). Took quite a while and finally the photo turned out pretty cool. A little warm cast and I read that shooting indoors reduces the blue-ish tint that the film might give. Damn … I’m confused with all these film and what we need to do to get certain results. Anyway, since it is said that the development will not stop unless I peel it apart (too lazy to read how it is done) … I have to make sure I scan it now before it mutates into some other result (or will it not?).

I burned 5 shots (outta 8!) in this first attempt. You can only find 3 photos here (excluding the black cover) because I screwed up! While adjusting the angle to shoot … I accidentally pressed the darn shutter release button!!!! ZAAAAAAAAAPPP!!! There goes one into the bin. 🙁 The 2nd one died in some other tragic experiment. 🙁 I decided to stop and keep the 3 remaining ones for another day. 😛

I’m itching to try out some black & white ones but my wallet is asking me to reconsider because my trigger happy habit might cause some severe damage. 🙁


  1. Rubic cube shot —> supa nice!!

  2. the black and white UV+ silver shade is awesome but make sure you put the slider all the way to ‘dark’ not ‘light’. that seemed to work better for me. i haven’t tried the push yet. the first flush kind of drives me crazy. it’s only good for certain situations (most of which aren’t the ones i usually take pics of). trust me, you’ll like the B&W a whole lot!!

  3. You’ll get some time to love it.
    I’ll have reactions like “what?’ once in a while.
    So far, my favorite shot is this, “”

    Was really happy to see it turn out well.
    Can’t wait to restock my films.

  4. @nelly : Yeah that’s my fav too! 😀

    @Jenni : You make me itch for a pack of b&w one now! Argh!!!

    @Bone : Good results there! I need to try it outdoors but with Fitzand around … he will definitely wanna give it a go (and poof goes my pack of (expensive) film). 🙁

  5. Yea, i’m sure Fitzand will be curious.
    It’s normal. You can give him a P&S if he wanna shoot more.

  6. @Bone : Not possible. Fitzand had played with my Instax and my Fuji passport photo cam before. He is definitely more fascinated with instant cameras and a P&S will definitely be rejected by him. Hahaha!

  7. your push is very awesome!!!!! esp the first pic!!!!

  8. @noreen : Thank you. I’m gonna try the emulsion lift thingie you told me about. Hopefully this weekend. 😀 I’m itching to get more film but pocket is screaming in pain. 🙁

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