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By • Jan 25th, 2011 • Category: Digital stuffs

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The childcare center organized a short outing to Chinatown this morning and I accompanied Fitzand there. Honestly I was a little worried because the last time I was there (one evening many years ago), the crowd was scary and I almost fainted after 10 minutes. Fortunately the outing was in the morning and the crowd hasn’t build up (yet). Phew! As parents were with the kiddos, we were mostly moving around by ourselves instead of sticking to one big group.

The first thing Fitzand told me when we arrived … was that he wanted me to buy him a lion dance head that has eyes that blinks (like the real ones). Gosh. I suspected that it will be quite a big task and true enough … after asking many stalls (and getting weird stares) … he ended up with a mini puppet ‘lion’.

These are some snapshots of Fitzand and one of his buddies. I did take the opportunity to snap some street photos but I guess I’ll upload them later tonight.

Here are two photos that Fitzand took …

It got a little warm after a while but out of a sudden … it started to rain minutes before our bus arrived. Phew! Lucky day! Fitzand refused to stay back in the center after the outing and so I bought him home … gave him lunch and bathed him. So why am I adding this blog entry instead of babysitting? 😀 At 3pm … he told me that he wanted to go back to the childcare center because they are having a speech & drama class at 430pm. Yeah! I rushed him back to the childcare … came home … and now my fat butt is planted right in front of my computer. 😀


  1. EPIC!!!! Love those shots of Fitz trying to snap photos of his buddy and of course his ever changing expressions! LOL

  2. I was there this afternoon, almost wanted to buy the lion puppet kekekeke~ but i think i will be the one playing it more the Master Loh so I ditch the idea. And yes, crazy weather! Rain Sun Clouds Rain Sun Clouds! arrgghhh!!!

  3. @nelly : He seems to love the cheapo Yashica. I’m gonna see how I can dress it up to be more colorful instead of the zzzz black.

    @DinoEgg : The puppet gives quite a bit of headache. The ‘hair’ seem to fall off easily. Gotta tap it many times to remove the loose ones but still … once in a while the broom is called to save the day (before his mommy sees them). 😀

  4. I tried looking around for the lion head that has blinking eyes here in KL but also to no avail. 🙁

  5. @cyanwater : That’s so SWEET!!! I guess the only way to get one that blinks … is to get a real one. LOL! No I ain’t going that direction! I’ll have to be the one performing for him if I were to do that (and that means fat old daddy will not make it til his 40th birthday). LOL!

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