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If you’ve seen my recent attempt at using the PX70 Color Shade PUSH film on my SX-70, you probably know that I refrained from finishing the last 3 shots from that pack after seeing some not very satisfying results. Yesterday I decided to sacrifice another shot to see if this will be the last (and only) pack of this film that I’ll buy. Well … the answer is unfortunately definitely a big ‘YES’. 🙁 I’ll pick up some other type of film instead.

Two more shots left before this pack of film perish right in front of my eyes … I decided to title this photo ‘pearish’. 😀

It is not that I’m 100% disappointed with it but perhaps I was expecting some other kind of result. My fault? 😀 Anyway … anyone has any nice IP film to recommend?


  1. I’ve had some disappointing moments with the PX600 films. And I still have 2 more packs to burn! ROARS!

  2. Interesting photo!

  3. @kaxdd : Are they good? I’ve yet to try them PX600.

    @cyanwater : But not too interesting film. Right? 😀 This is the one I told you about (the not very nice contrast result). Anything else to recommend?

  4. Mine’s worse. LOL!

    We should wait a little longer before we burn more impossible film/money.

  5. @cyanwater : I guess that’s the only way out for now. 🙁

  6. Through my shots, i’ve found that heating the film with body heat after it’s been ejected brings out more vibrant color.
    It’s all about experimenting i guess.. And of course.. proper light shielding of the film is a must! :}

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