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Arrived back here in Singapore around dinner time. Spent almost a week in Malaysia with my folks … celebrating the Lunar New Year. The best part of this yearly celebration is always knowing that the two little ones (Fitzand and his cousin sister) are definitely gonna turn the house upside down with their noise/cries/laughter/shouts etc … and of course not forgetting the beer sessions with my brother. 😀

I tried to get some snapshots of the two little ones and I seriously find it super duper difficult to get them to co-operate. When one decides to look at the camera, the other one is always looking elsewhere. When one says ‘okay!’ to being photograph, the other will say ‘don’t look at the camera!’. Grrrr!

In between beer sessions … I managed to grab some shots of them …

My favourite (lucky) shot from this trip has to be this one below when they were both playing with my dad. I asked them to pose for me but they … ermm … see for yourselves (the images right after this one below) …

… and below are the ‘behind the scene’ ones …

If my siblings and I were to do such things when we were young … I’d bet our butts would have got whipped big time! X(

I’ve always wanted to do a family portrait but somehow … someway … something … makes it darn difficult to do so. One moment it could be my brother can’t make it there … the next could be my mom saying that her hair is in a mess … my youngest brother could be still sleeping with bad hangover … etc etc. Duh. I am determined to try do it again soon.

They agreed to pose together IF … IF … only if I gave them sweets. Of course I did so but once I picked up my camera …

Zaydeen (Fitz’s cousin sister) will definitely not get to dress up this pretty the next time she goes playing without her mommy around. Hahahaha! We brought her along to my mother-in-law’s place and …

We suddenly realised all the yummies went missing. After a short search … apparently the two kiddos kidnapped the yummies and hide them under a table. LOL!

They had fun eating durian too. Well … Fitzand was down with cough and fever the next day … maybe all thanks to the durian but after seeing the doctor … he was up and bouncing the next day.

Last but not least … the only shot that I (think) managed to capture both of them at the right time. 😀 The only ‘problem’ I find in this photo below … is that now everyone knows I bribed them with sweets again. 🙁




  1. Very beautiful and natural pics indeed. They sure had loads of fun!

  2. they look so sweet together….

  3. They both look absolutely adorable!!



    check this link ->

  4. cutesy!

  5. i definitely know what you mean about it being so hard to get a decent photo of the kiddos…happens to me all the time!

  6. very awesome post!

  7. Thanks. 🙂

    @wynth : Are you trying to kill me? X(

    @nelly : Looking forward to the photos from Ipoh. Ready yet? 😀

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