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A week has passed without work. A week of leave went up in ashes. The Lunar New Year celebration is over (at least for me … or did I even celebrate at all?). Tomorrow will be the first day I get my butt back to work. For once … I’m taking a photo that reflects exactly how I feel now …

No Angry Bird was harmed in the making of this photo. Oven thoroughly cleaned too. This was taken using the Lensbaby Composer about an hour ago. I just collected this Angry Bird soft toy for Fitzand today. He’s loving it lots and even asked me for a blue one. No way I’m gonna let him know they have the entire series for sale. *sweat*

Time to go try get Fitzand to sleep earlier and tomorrow morning … time to catapult this old (and not very) angry bird back to his cubicle in the office.


  1. why is the bert in the oven?! you angry with it? LOL

    Welcome back to reality!

  2. So cute!! Where did you get the plushie from and how much was it?

    I’d love to hurl the bird into the faces of people who pisses me off. =D

  3. @nelly : Let’s just say that his ass is on fire (just like what’s gonna happen to mine when I get back to work). 🙁

    @random stranger : A friend helped me get it from Mega Multimedia located at #B1-13,Jurong Point. Sorry but I think you should not hurl these buggers into people’s faces because these are soft and comfy. Go find some other versions made of ceramic or metal. Those will do just fine. 😀

  4. gert oll of dem lah!

  5. @saklas : If you sponsor … I will. X(

  6. I want an angry bird too but no point buying coz I’ll just throw in one corner. But, awesome idea. I look like that every monday :<

  7. @Rachel : Hahahaha! Throwing him in one corner will make him an angrier bird!

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