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Cache directory "/var/www/vhosts/" is not writable.Almost A No Coffee Day

By • Feb 19th, 2011 • Category: Digital stuffs

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Fitzand made a ‘special request’ to go feed fishes at the Botanical Gardens and so we brought him for a picnic there this morning. It has been a few months since we last went for a picnic … so happily we arrived there around 930am. We packed up some drinks and munchies and thought we could grab our breakfast (and my coffee!!!) at the food court there … BUT … BUT … it has ceased operation! Darn it! So without coffee (the ultimate sin!) for the morning … we spent a couple of hours there playing ball, frisbee, climbing trees (Fitzand does that. Not me!) and feeding the fishes there.

Fitzand was super duper happy! 😀

It was as great morning as the weather was superb. The only problem was having to run and play with him … WITHOUT MY MORNING COFFEE!!!!

Fitzand made sure we didn’t forget his tent. Not that he spends much time in there during such outings but … as you can see from the photo below … the tent is more for his buddies. 😀

We rushed to Orchard Rd for lunch afterwards and guess what …. I forgot my coffee!!! Now as I’m typing this … I’m actually trying to rush this entry so that I can run to the kitchen to make my … very important … first coffee of the day.

Lastly … some snapshots of the most important event of the outing … feeding the fishes! 😀


  1. ah?! the food court there died??!

  2. he is so cute!!! you took some great shots and it looks like you had a great time–even without your coffee. i feel your pain, though. i hate doing anything without that all important cup in the morning. that first sip is heaven!

  3. @nelly : Yeah! I thought it was closed for renovations but there were notices there saying that it has ceased operation. Darn! Now it is either we have breakfast before going … pack our own breakfast … or go all the way to the ginger garden area for breakfast.

    @Jenni : Thanks. Coffee lovers unite! LOL.

  4. Salute how you did it without the most important drink of the day! Love the cheeky look on fitzand while feeding the fishies.

  5. @cyanwater : I had to make do with whatever leftover coffee in my body to keep me going. 😀

  6. One before last is killing me!


  7. @Ta : Hahaha! I asked him to look at the cam and he suddenly gave me that funny look.

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