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Was a little reluctant to create this entry because there ain’t any subject to blog about … but then after seeing this next image that I randomly snapped in the morning … I thought maybe I should share it with you guys. I’m loving it lots! Perhaps it was due to the very nice lighting at that moment …

Maybe it is just my old fuzzy eyes … I find it to have a bit of 3D look to it. 😀 That’s almost how it appeared straight out of the camera. I just adjusted a little bit of the curve to brighten it a little.

This next shot was taken as evidence. That little monkey snatched my orange juice! I placed the box of juice beside my bag and was talking to Fitzand and suddenly I it rushed over and snatched my box of juice! Argh! Well … I’d kick her butt if it was my camera that she snatched!

Fitzand was amused at how the monkeys ripped open the juice boxes and gulped/licked every single bit left. He kept telling me that the monkey snatched my drink. Oh yeah … if the drink was his … he’ll be crying for another.

Those few images above were about all I took (on digital) this morning at the reservoir. I also managed to finish a test roll on my white Classica there. Yeah … that darn test roll that took almost forever to finish. Gotta find time to run to the lab the next couple of days.

Of course a weekend will never be complete with some snaps of my little one …

This last one (below) is my favourite from today’s ‘catch’. As I’ve never really done much photos of Fitzand in black & white … I thought this might be a good opportunity …



  1. The monkeys at the reservoir? They can be quite aggressive! Love the 1001 expressions of fitzand!

  2. @cyanwater : Oh yeah. Those monkeys are becoming a nuisance at the Mac Ritchie reservoir especially at the cafe area. I saw the cafe staff trying to shoo them away.

  3. B/W shot – best!

  4. @nelly : That’s my fav too! 😀

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