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Something pretty funny (and scary) happened at the photo lab today when I dropped by to collect a roll of Provia 400X shot with my Sprocket Rocket recently. I usually lurk outside the lab until the boss gives me the thumbs up … then I’ll crawl in only when the processing is ready.

Today … while I was having a puff outside the lab … the boss appeared suddenly with a small pail … and in it was a the entire roll of developed negatives (the one I sent it!). He was holding one end of the roll and told me something about it ‘dropping off’ during the process. I was a little confused but before I could ask further … he told me that he’ll put it into the machine again and he rushed back into the lab. I was confused. Hahaha! Then after feeding that roll to the machine for the 2nd time … he came out to join me for another cancer stick. This time he explained that the sticky tape that held the end of the roll to some part in the machine … came off. Well … such things doesn’t happen all the time but what I was curious about (and asked him about it) was why he had to feed the roll into the machine again. He said something like having to let the roll dry and stuffs like that.

Some minutes later … he came out again and passed me the roll … now cut nicely into strips. I was told that a couple of frames got damaged in the ‘incident’ but when I looked at it … I told him that it is perfectly fine! Having some folds and weird stains … is gonna give cooler, weirder and ermm … unusual results!

This one above is the one which was damaged most. I still find it pretty neat with all the ‘stains’ and folds. Hahaha! Maybe I’ll ask the lab to deliberately do this again next time. Imagine how nice it will turn out if it were to be a roll of black & white C41 film? 😀

This one below suffered just a little bit …

My sis-in-law is gonna kill me. In both the photos of her in it … her mouth looks weird. Hahaha! Yeah I know … the wind was strong and was blowing her hair into her mouth. Hahahaha! Better not let her see this!


  1. Rocket rocks!

  2. @cyanwater : Oh yeah it sure rocks! 😀

  3. Arghh…sure does look weird – the mouth i mean. But actually quite like the a bit of golden oldies kinda feel.

  4. @Kristine : Hahaha! The magic of lousy cameras!

  5. Very cool. Very original!

  6. @Ta : Thanks. Well I guess I should get the uncle at the lab to repeat this incident again ah? LOL.

  7. @Ta : Oh btw … thanks to you … the ‘toy’ you poisoned me with a few days ago … is in the mail to me now. 😀 Wait …. that should be a 🙁 instead of a 😀 …

  8. Ha ha ha It’s :)) alright. You’ll enjoy it.

    Got some pictures from last night testing out with the flash


  9. @Ta : Hey! Super fast service from the seller! The toys is here now! Arrived 5 minutes ago! Whoa!!!!! I’ll be in cold sweat when the credit card bill comes. 🙁

  10. @Ta : Oh I saw the photos you took with the flash on. Looks way cool!!! Now there is a solution when I don’t have time to use the analogue ones. 😀

  11. Whoa! that was lightening, Andrew!
    Go out and shoot tonight…before the credit card bill comes…;-)
    Look forward to seeing the pictures

  12. i’m still not convinced to buy a sprocket rocket. i heard that LSI is about to feature another new camera – maybe i’ll wait for the announcement til’ i decide.

    nice rocket shots! 🙂

  13. @panelomo : From what I know … the new thingie won’t be anything similar. 😉 The Rocket is still gonna be a fun thing on its own. 😉

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