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Got kicked outta bed (on a Saturday morning!) by Fitzand at about 7am and struggled to stay awake the entire day. I decided to play with the SLR Magic’s Toy Lens again today but told myself to give it a short rest while I get back to the film stuffs for a week or two. 😀 I ended up with only a few snapshots while having beer with an old friend after a lunch buffet. Gosh … am I feeling sleepy now! Okay … I’ll make this is a super short blog entry …

Had to down a couple of pints to keep my mind off the X100, stay awake as well as numb the pain from another crappy week at work. It works all the time! 😀

Harry’s Bar at Clarke Quay must be the worse outlet when it comes to customer service. They had two waitresses who spend more time standing around chatting (with each other) that sometimes I wondered if I should just throw the empty glass on the floor to get their attention. Duh! Perhaps this will be the first and last time that I’ll go there. *shake head*

The little boss who woke me up too darn early … got to nap for about an hour! I had to bring him downstairs to play at the basketball court for about half an hour after we came back (from the boozing and eating) … just to try drain his batteries. Hahahaha!

Enough … enough … I better go get some sleep now. Good night! 😉


  1. Goodnight Andrew and Fitzand

  2. @Ta : Good … ermm … evening. 😀

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