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Fitzand jumped out of bed (early!) this morning and asked me ‘Today is Saturday? Going Disney On Ice?’. With half opened eyes I mumbled something like ‘Oh yeah ~’ and he immediately dragged me outta bed. After brunch, we made our way to the indoor stadium and the little boss as super excited. Of course he had big fun watching his ‘friends’ in action … Mickey, Goofy … and Simba! He got a bonus when his mommy bought him a Simba soft toy. 😀

Popcorn ready!

As if trying to take some snapshots of the performance without a tele lens wasn’t tough enough … the little girl in front of us kept raising her hand … while holding on to a hat. Duh! Her mother didn’t seem to care or bother to tell her daughter that there are people behind but luckily Fitzand ended up sitting on my lap (ouch!) and managed to enjoy the show without having to bother about some stupid selfish people.

I was also testing out the 77mm lens that I bought a few days ago on my Pentax K-x. It ain’t really a cam suitable for capturing action shots … but it still is good enough for an old fuzzy eyeball-ed person like me. 😀

We enjoyed the performance but wished it was longer though.

It was drizzling after the show and so we had a mushroom hotpot early (very early) dinner there. Fitzand was disappointed that he couldn’t play at the playground nearby (due to the drizzle) but I promised him to bring him to the one near our home tomorrow morning.

I was a little show to capture his smile when he suddenly posed for me (photo below).

While I was looking around for his mommy … I suddenly realised the little one went missing (in like 1 second!). Then I found him … hiding in the ‘O’. LOL!

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  1. Wow…nice and razor sharp photos!!! Oh yah…I have to totally agree that some parents should learn what is consideration all about.

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