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Celebrating their ‘One Impossible Year’, the Impossible Project recently launched a pair of special edition PX600 UV+ film … the Black Frame Edition & Grey Frame Edition. Lucky me … I managed to intoxicate the guy from ThirtySix with lots of beer last week and grabbed myself a ‘sample pack’. Hahahaha! Don’t let him you know this trick. Okay? 😀

Perhaps I should stay away from these (pretty expensive) cool film. Why? I’m always making big mistakes when handling the Polaroid cams. Duh. I wasted two on some very boring subjects in the past few days … with one underexposed because I rotated the dark/light dial accidentally and the other was blur due to handshake because I was trying to see if the meter on the cam works without flash. I left thsoe photos at work, so they ain’t getting scanned tonight.

I whipped out the camera again a while ago and tried taking more photos but (again) tragedy struck. More about that later.

These are two of those that survived. I have just 2 more shots left in the pack of film. 🙁 Time to go get Jimmy from ThirtySix drunk again.

I think I’m loving this film! I’ve yet to go check out info on the web … so I don’t know if this one will fade over time but I sure hope it doesn’t. I just hope the price drops. 😛

Okay … now that you’ve seen the two survivors … let me share with you the ‘tragic stories’ on how I screwed up two shots tonight. If you notice, this photo (right above) was taken with the flash switched on. I actually took two more photos of the same subject/scene but the first one was extremely blur. Hahaha! I had my cam on some flimsy tripod and shooting without flash … the camera got rocked during the (slightly long) exposure. Damn. Then I decided to shoot without a tripod … this time with the flash on. A half asleep me … pushed the flash button halfway!!!! Damn!!! I didn’t realise that until I tripped the shutter … went ‘damn!’ and there went the 2nd one into the bin. 🙁

That’s all folks! Til I go get myself more film (I’m saving the last 2 shots for the weekend) … that’s my brief (and rather tragic) encounter with the very cool film.



  1. We’ll be waiting for you.

  2. @cyanwater : Hahaha! I sure miss the curry puffs there. See you next week.

  3. puffs! :S

  4. hahahhaha you nvr wear pants

  5. @nelly : Yeah. I’ve not been there for a long long long time! Argh! Still hell-ish at work and no time to drop by.

    @noreen : That’s not me!!!!!

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