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The white Pentax K-x finally left me after a year or so. The good thing is since I bought it at a great price in Tokyo … selling it off at a very very minimal loss today didn’t hurt a bit. What originally supposed to be a DSLR body to be used with my Lensbabies … ended up doubling as a camera I photograph Fitzand with. I got tempted by a couple of Pentax’s ‘Limited’ series silver lenses and pairing them with the K-x was fine … but AF speed was something I miss when shooting my energetic little one.

Sold the K-x and topped up some money for a limited silver edition Pentax K-5 and so far it is bonding very well with the two silver lenses I have. 😀

Silver and black … hmm … reminds me of the Fujifilm X100? Honestly … maybe because of the delay of it being available in the market and all the talks about it … I have sort of lost the love for it. 😀 So … replacing it … is another silver/black camera that I love lots.

I’m down with flu … since yesterday … and medication is not doing much help. Damn! Maybe I need some beer. Because of that, I’ve yet to put this cammie to much test and tomorrow will be the big day where I will shoot 3 photos an hour from 9am to 9pm … for the ’36 in 12′ challenge. Hey … did any of you forget about it? 😀 I’ve loaded my Nikon F3 with a roll of film … and it is sitting on my desk waiting for 9am.

So what’s the difference between this limited silver edition and the normal black ones? The silver one has a custom grip (deeper and is a joy to hold!), employes reinforced glass for the LCD panel and LCD, supports SDXC cards, enables the use of all ISO sensitivity values in bulb mode and offers improved sequences and focusing speed for Contrast AF. Ermmm … I copied these from a note in the packaging. Hahahaha! Don’t start wondering why I’m so good at these technical stuffs suddenly. 😛

Note : Don’t ever as me ‘why Pentax?’, ‘why not Nikon?’, ‘why not Canon?’ and all that stuffs. Just like I prefer Android phones than the iPhone … I have no idea … I won’t be able to answer you. 😛

Okay … time to go gulp down my flu meds and try get some sleep. It will be a fun and long day ahead (worse if flu is still around) shooting the ’36 in 12′ photos.

Those who are into this challenge … wake up early, have fun and don’t forget to shoot. Hahaha!



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