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Another day from my childcare leave was used up today. Spent more than half a day with Fitzand and his friends (plus teachers) at the zoo but this time … it ain’t the usual zoo trip. They had a small picnic at the kids’ play area and the little ones had a big blast!

If you are wondering if Fitzand’s classmates are all girls … hahahaha … nope … but somehow most of the boys disappeared into the shades after a while. Hmm … allergic to sun and water?

It sure was fun to be in the cold water on such a hot day!

Fitzand tried to get one of his teachers into joining them in the wet wet wet fun!

We stayed on after the kids & teachers left around noon. Despite being super tired (and hot!), we brought him to visit 4 animal exhibits that he selected, had lunch … before zoooming home for some rest.

The sun wasn’t too kind today and now I’m feeling the need for some cold beer. Time to sign off! 😉

Leave you with two random shots …


  1. Oh it’s the pool! When I saw the picture in your facebook I thought they were playing in the puddle along side the pavement…Hee!

    Looks like they were having so much fun!

  2. @Ta : Hahahhaa! It is quite impossible to gather that much water here in the pavements. 😀 Yeah they kiddos had a really good time!

  3. Wow…very nice set of photos…all shot with Oly Pen?

  4. @Jer : No. These were taken with my Pentax K-5. 😀

  5. I really love the sharpness…..!!! My fav pics are the moments at the water slide!

  6. @Jer : Thanks. Yeah the 77mm and the K-5 is a perfect match that day because I (or rather my cam) didn’t wanna go too near the water. 😀

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