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It was a super crazy hot day at the zoo yesterday as I joined some friends there for a World Pinhole Day outing. To make things worse, I had Fitzand with me and he was distracting me so often when I was trying to count the number of seconds whenever I start exposing the shots. Hahaha! Stressed! ‘Best’ of all was when I loaded the roll of 120 into the Multi Pinhole Operator … it (the film) suddenly snapped before I managed to advance to frame #1. Argh!!! Luckily I still managed to load the roll properly after some struggling.

Here are the results from the roll …

This one below was supposed to be a funny shot with Noreen holding the ‘boobies’ but somehow she changed her ‘pose’ as she was posing for some other friends shooting in digital (or was it LCA?). Argh! I lost the historical moment! 😛

This one below is one of my favorite from the roll … Mr Elephant!

Wish I had used the color filters for this following shot …

I remember this one below. I set up my tripod and started shooting this … and Fitzand was across the road going ‘Daddy! Your drink is here!!!’. Apparently mommy and him got me a bottle of drink from the vending machine and after telling him that I will be there in a minute … I forgot the seconds. Hahahaha!

These last 3 were taken at the kids’ play area and I had more ‘freedom’ as Fitzand was busy eating ice cream. 😀 Perhaps that’s why they seem to turn out better exposed? 😀 Lesson #29382712 : Do not shoot pinhole with kids around!

It has been a long while since I used the MPO and I totally forgot the recommended exposure time. I was pretty sure I brought along the exposure guide but I just couldn’t find it in my bag! Thank God for mobile data … I managed to FTP to my webbie to open up a softcopy of it. 😀 I now save a copy of it in my phone.

I’m happy to get at least a couple of decent photos outta this roll that I thought might not see the light of day. Next year … I’m gonna drag a few friends to the pub and shoot pinhole on the World Pinhole Day there. Exposure times might take hours … but I guess we don’t mind the wait. 😛



  1. hhahahhaha u got nice shoot there!!!! i like that tunnel vision looking pic

  2. Awesome!!!

  3. @noreen : Thanks. The ‘tunnel’ one? Oh. Hahaha! There is actually a very funny story behind it. I saw the sun casting a very nice shadow (from the leaves on the tree) on the floor. Set up my pinhole cam … pointed on the ground. The moment I got that done … somehow the strong sunlight went ‘dim’. Hahahaha! I was laughing at myself! Then I had to shooting something else (which is the ‘tunnel vision’ one you mentioned).

    @kahong : Thank you

  4. Which guide do you use for your pinhole photos? Because I just started using a pinhole, which I made myself from a matchbox, but I have not much of a clue which times to use for somehow correct exposures.

  5. @Filip : I am using the one meant for the Multi Pinhole Operator. For DIY ones, I guess you have to do some trial & error before being able to do up a rough exposure guide because it all depends on how big (or ermm … small) the DIY pinhole is.

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