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Finally a roll of Lomo Xpro 100 loaded into a Pentax MZ-3 I bought some time ago to maximize the use of my 43mm lens is done, developed and scanned. 😀 I was pretty confident the camera body will work great as I picked it up from an old friend and since it is an autofocus one … shooting was real easy and fun.

What puzzled me (and still is) was that even though I set the lens to f1.9 … the display on the camera showed f2.0. Perhaps there is a limitation to it? Hmm. I’ll go Google for some answer later on.

Next … I’ll be trying out a roll of black & white on it and perhaps give my 77mm lens a go on this MZ-3. I remember seeing another old Pentax SLR that I find really neat with some round display on top of the body but I seem to not remember the model. All I know is that I costs a fair bit more than the MZ-3 and it also comes in silver. Hmm … who wants to buy my liver? I need the money!


  1. So colorful so cool!

  2. @Ta : Thanks. This film works great in the bright light with colorful subjects. 😀

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