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Lomography as usual … got people all excited about a ‘mystery’ product and finally here it is … the Lomo LC-Wide. Seem that the classic LC-A+ has ‘mutated’ into something a lot different … boasting a newly-developed 17mm Minigon Ultra-Wide Angle lens … allows shooting in full frame, square as well as half frame formats.

I was wondering what the two red parts are for and after a while … it seems that they are just part of the design. Not some buttons that you can press. Is that right or am I wrong? 😀

Focusing range is from 0.4m to infinity. Honestly … that got me interested in this camera is the 17mm wide lens. I don’t really care much for shooting square format (in 35mm) or half frames. It comes with 2 rolls of film … which is nothing really exciting but look at the the cans that the film comes in … looks cool!

Listed at US$382.60 … *cough* … do I want one? I don’t know. I’m broke now after some recent shopping. 🙁 I can see Jimmy/Cindy from ThirtySix coming in to comment ‘We’ve reserved one for you!’. I am afraid … very afraid.


  1. ahem….ahem…

  2. @evaeva : Oii!!!!!

  3. i say for them “Item reserved for you” 😛

  4. Lomography website is still counting down to unveil the camera… are fast in time!

  5. Your interest has been noted.

  6. @nelly : Shouldn’t you say “Item reserved for us”?

    @Jer : Ermm … I somehow saw some link to the product page in Facebook. 😀

    @cyanwater : What??!!! I knew it! You just want me to go ThirtySix to pay my respects and buy you coffee. Right? 😀

  7. I think the wide lens is awesome. I always dislike the hassle of putting on the wide angle lens on my lca+. My prayer has been answered. But I’m broke too. Lol

  8. hi andrew. just wondering, does this camera have a bulb mode setting for them long-exposure junkies? does the previous lc-a+ have one as well?

  9. Just checking in…Just a matter of when…I shall wait to see the sample photos from you……………Hee!

  10. @Ta : Just you wait! 😀

  11. @cyanwater : Exact thoughts here!

    @steven : Hmm. Sorry I don’t have access to one yet but from the specs … it doesn’t seem to have bulb mode on it. 🙁

  12. Have you bought it yet, Andrew?
    Just checking!


  13. @Ta : Unfortunately no! X(

  14. Prepare your cash!

  15. @cyanwater : WTH!!! This Friday???!! OMG!! I am so dead!

  16. Won’t say anything 😉

  17. @Ta : Argh! I know what you wanna say! Say it! Here … let me help you said it … ‘So you finally bought it’. Hahahaha!

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