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Got a little too trigger happy yesterday at the Air Force open house preview and burned a roll of redscale film loaded in my Pentax MZ-30 coupled with the Lensbaby Scout + fisheye optic combo. It was a super darn hot day but somehow the roll still turned out underexposed. Bah! Well at least I know the next time I use redscale on the cam … I’ll probably compensate the exposure by +1 (or is it +2?).

I was a little disappointed after scanning the first two shots but then after a while … I seem to like some of these shots despite the fact that they are underexposed. Also perhaps due to underexposure, the scanned result seemed to be more orangy/red than expected.

It was lucky that I brought the Lensbaby Scout instead of the Composer along that day because most of the time, I was shooting with only one hand and it was way easier to focus (using the Scout) by stretching my middle finger a little to turn the focusing ring.

The fisheye effect from the optic works better in full frame (35mm) compared to a cropped factor digital body.

Hmm … come to think of it … anyone has any idea what ISO should be set when using the Lomography’s Redscale XR film? I see 50-200 on the label but there is a 400ISO printed on the canister. My SLR detected it as ISO400 … so could that be the reason for underexposure?



  1. yah. redscale should be overexposed and not following the canister. lol. u’ll need to overwrite the dx-coding.

  2. @ymmij : Thanks for the update. Yeah I know we need to overexpose the redscale film but I thought for DIY ones only. I thought that Lomo ones are already correctly dx-coded without the need for exposure compensation. Hahaha! Ok … my fault. I need more film! No … not now … I’m broke!

  3. Very nice leh…. My first attempt on redscale is super under exposed! Hahahah

  4. @Noreen : With the weather that day … how much more underexposed can it get? Hahaha! We got overexposed to the sun though. Felt really crappy hot for the rest of the night. Grrrr!

  5. Wow…this roll is hot!

  6. @Jer : Thanks. Well … the day was even hotter! 😀

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