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Sitting here at my desk at 2:05am … not long after returning from a fun evening (long one!) out with Jimmy & Noreen (from ThirtySix). I dropped by ThirtySix to collect some film and we decided to go grab a quick dinner and then go test out the Lomo LC-W. I am not one who has the patience to do nite (long exposures!!! zzzz) shooting but since I was out already … I thought I could give it a go. Honestly … my biggest problem was figuring out the correct (or at least close) exposures to use.

Noreen was around to be our ‘guardian’ … making sure we both don’t touch beer for the night. Ermm … as it was rather warm … we had no choice but to gulp down 2 bottles of beer. 😛

Using the LC-W for the first time and it has to be night shooting? OMG! Jim gave me some blu-tac and I covered the light meter on the camera and then happily … randomly … ‘blur-ly’ fired away. The biggest joke of the night was when I was walking towards Jim with my camera (still on the tripod) and he asked me ‘why is your shutter still open?!!’. Gosh!!! Hahaha! I was actually using the stopwatch on my phone to time the exposure … and I stopped the stopwatch instead of stopping (closing) the shutter! OMG! Gone case!

Actually there were more screw-ups (by myself). I kept forgetting to advance the frames! Somehow using the shutter release cable … I was still able to press it (the cable release) and the camera still went ‘click’ … making me think it (the frame) as already been advance. Anyway … I guess that didn’t really open the shutter (Jim hates this word tonight) and hopefully something will turn out okay. Frankly … I have no confidence if any photo will turn out decent this time. Hahahaha!

A very cool Argus camera … used by Noreen


It was pretty stressful for me and after some time … I realised I had only taken 18 shots. Yeah … that’s all for the night. Guess I’ll have to try finish the remaining frames tomorrow and make a dash to the lab (perhaps to be laughed at by the guys there).

Photos or not … it was still an enjoyable evening. Jim & I were joking and clowning around asking each other what exposure times to use, asking each other if we did advance the film etc. It was BLUR vs BLUR. Hahaha!

See this photo below and you will see the most serious one just now. Hahaha! She’s gonna kill me!

Hmm. Okay … I’ll risk my life and leak a couple of photos I took of Noreen in action. She is the star tonight by doing some super ‘stunt’. Exposing a shot for 12 minutes (or was it 13?) … by holding on to the shutter release button! She used the Sprocket Rocket and I just can’t imagine having to hold … and not move (much) … for that long!!! Special news leak … not from wikileak … is that she was desperate to go for a leak at that time. Hahaha! Ooops! I’m so dead now!

I like this last photo below. That’s Noreen during the looooooooooooooooooooooooooong exposure.

Hope tomorrow I will have time to finish the rest of the roll. Oh … one other thing … anyone has any idea what aperture the LC-W has? I heard it is a fixed f4.5 and from the look (from behind the cam with the rear door open) it seems to be a round shaped aperture ‘hole’ unlike the variable one on a LC-A. Is that true? If that’s true … it sucks a little. Right?

Jim & Noreen … thanks for the laughter & drama (ahem!) just now. 😛


  1. wor! lol. so fast! i think we screwed up our rolls .lol

  2. WTH!!!!!! u and jim’s fault that I’m serious! Hahahah and I still manage to change hand, may b I moved the camera a little. Hahaahh

  3. we would have been serious if we had more beer..

  4. @ymmij : yeah …. I will really end up in Tuas checkpoint if we did more beer. Lol

  5. btw, i admit, x100 is still great without the patch.

  6. @ymmij : I’m sure Cin will agree. 😀

  7. Question!!! May I know y need to use blue tac huh? I thought u jus hold the shutter release and the cam will atomically shut the shutter once it’s properly exposed?

  8. @Irorus : Nope. The meter ain’t that amazing when it comes to night shots that require long exposures. Taping/covering up the light meter will cause the cam to keep the shutter open for as long as you want … and you decide the exposure time. Ermm … that is if you ain’t like me … unable to gauge exposures and gonna get the entire roll screwed up. LOL

  9. I’m sure it’ll turn out jus fine! Can’t wait to see those Picts!!

  10. @Irorus : Ermm … don’t pressure me. I totally don’t have much (if any) confident this roll will be okay. I’ll drop by TripleD later to get it developed and I’m trembling in fear now. LOL!

  11. u wanna see the picture i took from that super duper f*(@#@*(&# long exposure! :-

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