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I was taking some snaps of my Think Tank Retrospective 5 bag for a friend just now and thought since I’ve already taken the photos … I might as well blog about it here. Well … I was actually taking the photos for a friend who wanted see how it actually looks like (she says images in products’ official pages are usually misleading) and why I like it. Ermm … ok … I try … I try …

Here it is … my pinestone Retrospective 5 … ‘posing’ with a few cams to give a rough idea how small (or big?) the bag is. Based on the specs … it is 25.5 x 21.5 x 15 cm. The size is perfect for my everyday (or rather … weekend and non working day) use. I could pack either a compact/prosumer digital camera and a couple of film ones plus rolls of films and accessories. Compared to the Domke F-5XB which I used to own (and love … for a while) and given to a friend recently, the Retrospective is like double the size and now I can lug around more cameras when I’m in trigger happy mode.

The designer (of the bag) claims that they had ‘blended the look and feel of “old-school” camera bags and infused it with “new-school” features’.

Photo (below) shows how I can shove in a Lomo LC-A+, a Fujifilm X-100 plus a Diana F+ into the bag. Pretty spacious despite not being a big bag! There are still some space left for rolls of film, spare batteries and memory cards. See the side pocket (on the inside) that I’ve shoved in my iPod pouch? I think with some adjustment, I can slot in my Galaxy Tab in there too. Neat!

On the outside … at the front … there is another pocket that is used to store the ‘raincoat’ … in case it starts to pour and you need to make sure none of the precious things inside get wet.

‘Sound silencers’. Huh? I was wondering what that was when I read about it online and apparently they ain’t some super devices that makes silent velcros. Hahahaha! What they actually do … is allow you to flip down the flaps (that has one side of the velcro) and thus ‘silencing’ it. This means once you ‘silence’ the flaps … the front ‘cover’ will not be ‘locked down’ by the velcro anymore. Good for fast and easy access … as well as preventing all the ‘krrrrrrrraaaaak’ sound when you are opening the bag … let’s say in a performance hall.

There is a pocket (with zippers) at the back too.

The shoulder strap is wide and comfy …

I got a free security tag with the bag and if you are wondering what it does … it is actually a tag with an unique serial number that you can register online (in Think Tank’s website) together with your personal info like name, address etc. So if your bag ever get lost … the finder and then try contact you by using the serial number (through Think Tank’s website). Well … it ain’t a guarantee that you will get your bag (and the precious stuffs) back for sure but then … there are still honest people out there.

The bag is made from some very tough yet comfy canvas material on the outside. Not sure if it is due to the comfy canvas material or those paddings I have around my waist (and butt), the bag feels really comfy in real use too.

The Retrospective 5 is one of my favourite sling bag so far. If you are planning on getting a bag that doesn’t scream ‘CAMERA BAG!’ and love the simple and rugged look … I’d definitely recommend this one.

For more details about the Retrospective … check out their official page here.



  1. Great bag! How come every time I read your blog I end up spending money? Thanks for the link…

  2. Woooo…drooling…..nice bag! Too bad I am unable to carry a sling bag….

  3. @Nic : Hahaha! Just like you … I am just spreading the love. Hey at least I ain’t got a shop selling ‘poisons’ like you do. 😛

    @Jer : Why? You can’t balance with extra weight on one side? 😀

  4. Sigh….having back problem….it really hurts when I sling my Crumpler or Lowepro camera bag, it could be the imbalance of weight. So I am looking for a nice backpack for cameras and comes with barang barang compartment…..eyeing for the Lowepro Fastpack……you know any nice one to recommend?

  5. @Jer : I am using the Kata Sensitivity-V backpack to carry my notebook + cameras (for work).

    It is a comfy and pretty compact one.

    I do have a larger Lowerpro Primus AW for times when I need to lug around more & heavier stuffs plus a lightweight tripod.,1995,14.htm

  6. Hahahaha do they come with a hello kitty edition? Lol

  7. @Noreen : Hello Kitty???!!! I’m sure you can make your own. Hahaha!

  8. This looks nice. Is this expensive to be used as a normal bag, not camera bag?

    I’ve read on the website that this bag has lifetime warranty. 😀

  9. @Beam : It is pretty reasonably priced for a camera bag. I’m sure it will serve well as a normal bag as well. Yeah … lifetime warranty but I guess nothing much could go wrong since it is pretty darn solid. 😀

  10. Did you buy locally? Haa, can you email me the price? The pinestone you have looked slightly different from the pinestone on the website.

  11. @Beam : I bought it online. It wasn’t available here in Singapore earlier. It adds up to be about S$160+. As for the look/color … yeah it might look a different because I didn’t (or rather … couldn’t be bothered) try to get the white balance right when shooting these pics. LOL.

  12. Thanks to your poison, now i’m going to trouble my colleague to help me grab it if its near her apartment, since she went there for a short trip.

  13. @Beam : The pleasure is all mine! 😉

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