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I am guilty of probably owning more bags than my wife and after a long search for a leather bag that is old, still in good condition, of the right size, smelling bad and doesn’t look too ‘wow’ … my prayers were answered when the famous Mijonju (you must be shot if you love analogue/toy cameras and do not know him already but anyway … he’s the famous young man who gives us The Mijonju Show) put this old leather bag (one that he bought used too) up for sale. I immediately buzzed him and within hours it was on the way from Tokyo to Singapore.

There were 3 Lomo buttons pinned to the front but I removed them. See the cool camera drawn on it? I suppose it was drawn by Mijonju and it sure looks neat!

A little late to be taking photos … so I’ll use these photos courtesy of Mijonju. Hope he doesn’t mind. 😀

While walking back from a ‘puff’ at work, I saw the postman carrying a box … walking into the lift. I happily held the lift for open for him and I was super happy to see my name on it! I couldn’t possibly hijack the postman … so I walked slowly behind him and followed him all the way back to my office. 😀

I opened up the box … and almost fainted. Hahahaha! There was this old leather stuff smell that zapped me for a moment. No … not the yummy smell of new leather. This one … ermmm … doesn’t smell good even after sprinkled with some sweat from my idol, Mijonju. So now I’ve to put it to a ‘de-smelling’ process by putting in a pack of those charcoal thingie and hope the smell goes away soon. Hahahaha!

On one side … you can find the name ‘MIJONJU’ written on it. Of course I do not mind having my idol’s name on the bag (and I can eBay it for like 10 times the price someday when he gets even more famous) … but I am worried he might be upset if one day someone walk up to me, thinking I am Mijonju … and say ‘Hey Mijonju! What happend to you? How the hell did you get so fat? Where did your hair go? You ain’t handsome anymore!’. Muwhahahaha!

The contents of this bag in the photo above are not mine. 🙂 They belong to Mijonju.

I promise myself to stay off the camera bag buying habit for at least a year from now.

Check out Mijonju’s CircleRectangle shop in etsy here. Please do not hold me responsible should you fall in love with his ultra-tempting toys in there!



  1. So you’re the big fan who bought it.
    Brilliant! :}

  2. @Nelson : Yeah! Haha! He might start selling his undies soon. Fan club anyone? 😀

  3. ……………………………………

  4. @evaeva : Why? Hahahaha! You bidding for his undies? 😀

  5. Nice acquisition! Hope the smell goes away…

  6. @Alex : The smell is maybe 70% gone now. I put in a pack of those charcoal absober thingie and that seems to help. Also I’m letting it air at the window for 2 days already. Ready to deploy! 😀

  7. I can still smell it from where I am….


    Nice bag!

  8. @Ta : The wind must be blowing your direction! 😀

  9. I love the smell of leather bag, and won’t mind one that smells of mijonju! LOL!!!

  10. @cyanwater : Ermm … but this super old one doesn’t smell like new leather (which I love too). Hahaha! Okay … for a sniff of Mijonju … how about buying this bag from me at …. let’s say … US$5000? 😀 So have you ordered your leather case for X-100? 😉

  11. use mink oil to polish, nourish and protect (also increases water proofing quality). then sun to dry of mink oil layer and get rid of smell as well. constantly apply mink oil in thin layers (every 3 months) — s’pore is very humid and before you know it mould the size of mushrooms will grow or worse, it becomes rigid and cracks.

  12. @g2 : Hey thanks for the tips! I somehow can’t find my little tub of mink oil and ended up using my car leather cleaner & protect cream. LOL. I’ll wait a bit and maybe I can have a bucket of mushroom to cook for Christmas dinner! 😀

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