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Met up with Jimmy & Noreen for an early dinner today. Came across this place called ‘Stacked’ at Robertson Quay in some online article and thought it will be cool to munch some dim-sum and wash them down with some icy cold beer on a (very depressing since Monday is coming) Sunday.

The place is pretty simple and neat but unfortunately the tables inside were occupied and we had to make do with one outside … and there wasn’t any fan there. Hot!!!! Warm!!! It got better later when it was windy though.

A concept a little different from the usual Chinese restaurant serving dim-sum, Stacked looks more like an outlet serving burgers and nachos but one look at the menu … you will be surprised.

Food is overall pretty good there but each serving is pretty small. Thing’s ain’t cheap either. We ended up paying S$230 for the dinner … I swear we didn’t spend that too much on the beer!!!

I love the fried stuffs most … especially the beef filled dumplings. They go darn well with drinks! 😀

We started with a variety of dim sum but soon we realised it was just too little to feed ourselves. Within minutes … new orders were placed. Unfortunately the waiter made a mistake and served us more chilli crab buns (‘pows’) instead of BBQ pork (‘char siew’) pow. I was hungry and munched half of it before one of them (Jim or Noreen?) told me that it is a crab one! Damn! I’m allergic to seafood!!! I am still okay now (else who do you think is typing this?) … but perhaps I could go on medical leave tomorrow? 😀

The fried chicken was yummy!

Soy sauce and vinegar etc were served using eye droppers. Cool!!! But ….

Jimmy got a bit suicidal and decided to drink neat vinegar.

Next came the decision to order the right drink to go with the ‘dim sum’ …

Chinese tea? No @*!(&*!(&@! way!!! Hahahaha! The reason why we were there was for the beer! Ooops! Beer and dim sum? Don’t sound good together eh? 😀 Who cares?

Being curious beer drinkers … we decided to try the Taiwanese fruity beers. We ordered 2 bottles of honey dew beer and a bottle of lychee one. The labels on the bottles sure look cute and retro eh? They look a little scary too. Hahahaha! The ‘artwork’ on them looks like some weird Chinese booze or stuff that we sometimes use for prayers. Ermmmm … or do they not? 😀

Anyway … the first big gulp (it was darn warm today) … and we almost fainted. The honey dew beer tasted weird! Ermm … they taste like honey dew … but it was just so wrong to have beer tasting like that. Argh!!!

The lychee beer was way better than the melon one. Perhaps we are used to drinking lychee flavoured drinks … it is just way more drinkable than the melon version. Hahaha!

Soon we forced ourselves to finish the fruity beer and moved on to another way more yummy beer.

It has been a super-duper long and tiring day. Fitzand kicked me outta bed at 7:30am and I brought him out for breakfast and practically spent most of the day entertaining him. I told myself that I’ll finish shooting a roll of film this weekend and that plan went up in ashes as I only managed around 10 shots. 🙁

Fitzand & his favourite ‘jie jie’, Noreen.

Time to go take a shower and get some rest … and welcome Monday with open arms … NOT!!!!

Oh … almost forgot to post this … my favourite shot of the day …



  1. neat vinegar! yum!

  2. Love the eyedrop idea! 😉

  3. @ymmij : Next time just drink straight from the bottle!

    @Ta : Yeah … good idea until some clown comes along and does it the yucky way like … Jimmy did. 😀

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